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We’ve put together instructions and templates to simplify the process for you. Follow the roadmap we have laid out for you and you will have your long-term wealth plan together within the next few weeks.


  • Write down your financial goals and priorities
  • Create a Financial Plan for you and your family
  • Get Life Insurance
  • Invest in real estate
  • Entrepreneurship: create or invest in businesses, making sure not to overlook black businesses
  • Use the tax code to your advantage
  • Hire the right professionals


  • Personal Financial Plan Template
  • Personal Financial Statement Template
  • Real Estate Flip Evaluation Template
  • Real Estate Rental Evaluation Template
  • Real Estate Repair Estimate Template
  • Business Plan Template
  • Business Plan Financial Template

Create Your Own PLAN

“You need to build your own businesses and hire your own children It’s absolutely CRIMINAL to keep having babies and then sending them into somebody’s else neighborhood to BEG for a job”
 -Dr Claud Anderson

Use the Wealth Building Toolkit to Create Your Plan TODAY!

The Problem

  • Many of us are at a point in our lives where we are lost…
  • We have spent our entire lives building other peoples’ businesses and still find ourselves at a point in our career where we have to job hop, without any sense of security in our jobs.
  • It is hard to think about retirement because you are still trying to get your current situation into a better place.

The Solution

  • You must focus on the business of you first and then evaluate where a job fits into your personal business plan…Actually, it is more like the business of you first, then the business of your family, and then a job.
  • Basically, what I am saying is that we have to have a plan, but most of us don’t. We were never taught to have a financial plan…

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