How to Use Google to Generate Passive Income Online

A lot of Black Health & Wealth subscribers have been emailing me saying that they are interested in starting a business but don’t know where to start or have an existing business and are struggling to grow it.

And by now, you should know I am passionate about the idea that entrepreneurship and building businesses is an important part of building wealth.

However, most of us will need to work a day job for a while before doing our own thing.

In that case, there are two ways to generate more money…

Get a​ raise at your current job or find an additional source of income (second job or another income opportunity).

In the age of Uber drivers, there are lots of ways to find second income streams.

I think one of the best long-term strategies is to create a brand or presence online that can drive revenue to your business for years to come.

If you have an existing business, you should be looking to get in front of your customers online too.

Don’t think that in 2017 (and moving forward) you are going to be a top player in your market and not have a very good online presence.

Engaging with potential customers online is one of the best ways to keep your existing customers and also to find new customers if you are an existing business.

Creating an online presence is also a good way to figure out what type of product potential customers are interested if you are just starting out.

Potential customers are searching for information and products that solve a problem that they have.

This includes both online and businesses and local, physical businesses.

In fact, 4 out of 5 consumers conduct local searches online before they visit a business

68% of searchers only click on the top 5 results

and 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews

As a result, you have to take your online presence serious!

I recently had the pleasure of doing online work for a 3D ultrasound business in Houston.

The mother of a friend of mine started her own ultrasound business on the side while still working at a doctor’s office for years.

40 years to be exact…

After 40 years she finally branched off to starting her own business.

And she did a great job of getting the business started!

She consistently gets 5 star reviews and started the businesses off of referrals from the doctors she knew…

The only problem was the money from the referrals was not enough to allow her to retire from working with the doctors so that she could focus solely on her own business…

That is until her children hired me to drive more customers to her local business by managing her online presence and optimizing her advertising…

How did I do this?

Well first, I’ll say that it helps if you have a good product that you believe in and have great customer service…

Her 5-star reviews helped a lot, but at the same time reviews are only 10% of the equation in terms of actually getting in front of prospects online.

To increase revenue, I simply conducted research on customers that were interested in her product, what language they were using to search for service providers, and then I made sure her website and other online profiles conveyed that message to potential customers and to Google.

Her business had also done some advertising in the past, but her business partners were not sure what was actually working so I implemented tracking (which is very important) and then optimized their ads to convert and drive bookings.

There were a lot of other technical details that I fixed and implemented, but I won’t bore you with those right now.

The good news is that she is now on the path to have enough business to retire this year!

In fact, here are a couple recent texts that her son-in-law sent me after a couple months of work:

“Def seen an increase. Had 9 clients on Saturday, Most we had was 5.”

Then a week later he sent me this text:

“Business is booming bruh. Whatever you’re doing is working”

So as you can see, it is essential that you establish an online presence for your current or future business…

Otherwise, you will have a tough time like Macy’s, Sears, J.C. Penney, BCBG, HH Gregg, Sports Authority, Abercrombie & Fitch, Guess, Aeropostale, The Limited, Crocs, Gamestop, Radioshack, Staples, CVS, and the many businesses that have shut down hundreds of stores over the last year.

I have personally talked with many of you about your aspirations and have provided guidance, but there is no way for me to explain everything to everyone in an email or phone conversation.

Likewise, many of you have asked me for a course or coaching to get you headed in the right direction..

Based on your feedback and needs, I am happy to announce that I finally decided to put together a course to walk you through the steps of researching your target audience and setting up your online presence.

This course is set up to give you step by step guidance on building a solid foundation for your business long-term.

But I have to be honest, most of what really makes a business successful online is not sexy. Success requires work, it requires time, and it requires patience.

Don’t think that you are going to start a business or become the top player in your category in a month or two.

There is no quick fix to success, it just takes hard work, dedication, and consistency in your marketing as well as in your product/service.

How do I know this?

I’ve spent the last 10 years working on digital advertising campaigns for the top brands in the country.

I’ve done advertising in almost every industry and what I have found is that the principles of advertising to customers remain the same regardless of industry.

As long as you provide a service or product that people are searching for, you will have an opportunity to drive customers to your business.

Ultimately, if you have an existing business or are looking to start a new business, you need to understand how to set your website up for success in the eyes of your customers and also in the eyes of Google which is the largest search engine.

I am going to teach you how to build a great foundation and make sure you are set up for long-term success as online searches continue to play a huge role in every type of business.

For a limited time only, I am going to offer the course for 80% off of regular price. I have made a very affordable offer to you because everyone needs to sign up for the course and understand how Google works.

Click Here to Purchase the How to Use Google to Make Money Online course.

Also, for those of you that are too busy serving your clients and don’t have the time to invest in building your presence on your own, I am offering a service to do it for you, but you need to be serious about setting your business up for long-term success because there is no quick fix to success in business. Simply send me an email to this with information about your business.

Also, keep in mind that your enrollment is protected by a 30-day return policy. Enroll in the course today. Try it out for a full month. If it’s not for you, no worries. Just email my support team and they’ll promptly return 100% of your investment. Simple.

Click Here to Purchase the How to Use Google to Make Money Online course.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.



2 thoughts on “How to Use Google to Generate Passive Income Online”

  1. Hi Brian, I already have some websites established now I need to update my website based on what my potential clients are needing. I spent almost $800 for a women’s website. So far no sales or prospects. My soon-to-be husband will not allow me to purchase anything else until I generate some sales. Plus, I work a 7pm to 7am 4 nights a week. I am faced with student loans and other bills we are struggling to pay. Plus the company I work with for my home based business has a moratorium on how much advertising I am allowed to do. Advice please!!!

    1. Hi Latise,

      My advice is that you should really sign up for the course. It seems that you need direction on making the most out of your site and the course will provide direction on making your website visible in Google long-term. I will have future courses about running ads as well. There is an introductory price at the moment, but the price will definitely be increasing significantly soon.

      Link to course.

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