How to Use Dr Sebi Products to Get Healthy and Lose Weight

Dr. Sebi was a well-known healer and health guru. A poor man from Honduras, Dr. Sebi set out to use wellness and nutrition as tools to cure disease, aid weight loss, and build all around healthier lives for people. According to Dr Sebi, his diet—developed from a list of “electric” foods that are raw, live, and non-genetically modified—along with his additional supplements have helped people cope with health conditions, including asthma, diabetes, lupus, and HIV. His diet and supplements are also known for helping with weight loss, most likely because it is based on eating a plant based diet. By using natural products that don’t contain animal products and are rarely cooked, Dr. Sebi products are healthful as well as mindful.

Sebi products are sold exclusively on the Dr Sebi website. There are a wide array of products that each have different usages and different ingredients. Each product available is completely natural and safe for consumption. To find the right Dr. Sebi products to buy, read some of the reviews below.

Dr Sebi Products for Weight Loss

On top of the Dr. Sebi diet, there are many Dr. Sebi products for weight loss, designed by Dr. Sebi himself. For help with losing weight, there are cleansing packs offered through the Dr. Sebi website. This basic package is a little on the pricey side, but contains all the Dr. Sebi products needed to cleanse the body of toxins that can prevent weight loss. The package comes with three custom nutrient packs: Viento, Bio Ferro, and Chelation2.

The Takeaway

Although there is no science to back up that Dr. Sebi products can “cure” diseases, it does stand to mention that a healthy lifestyle will be beneficial in fighting whatever ailments a person may be facing. Dr. Sebi products should be used as an additive, and not a replacement to whatever medicine a doctor has prescribed.

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