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In this guide, we’re going to cover all of the short hairstyles for black women that are in style for 2020. Short hair is probably one of the most popular hairstyles right now next to braids. To many women’s surprise, men seem to be going crazy for black women and their short hair cuts too. I was at CultureCon a few weeks ago and Sanaa Lathan talked about how she was planning to wear a wig for a recent role and took a survey from some of the young guys on set and they all encouraged her to go with the short hairstyle.

If you have short hair, you are lucky! Why? Because the short hair will never go out of fashion ever. Moreover, short hair speaks a lot about your confidence and fierce nature. If you are looking to explore the options you have at your disposal, here are a few options you can check out.

Here is a great list of hairstyles for black women with short hair.

Short Hairstyles for Black Women

White Caesar Cut and Color

This is one of the best short haircuts for black women. Low cost and easy to maintain.

Natural Low Cut

Red Curls With Shaved Sides

One of the sexiest and most creative of the black short hairstyles, these short red curls and shaved sides are everything.

Short Wavy Black Hairstyle With Blonde Top

short wavy black hair blonde top
Featured: @_marinebelike

Short Blonde Curly Hairstyle

curly blonde short hair
Pictured: @thomjana

#1 Curly Blonde Hairstyle

How about those messy curls at the crown level? These curly bobs can be the best option for all your needs. You can create curls with the aid of a curler. This can be one of the best options if you have longer voluminous hair.

The curly hairstyle can also be converted into a blonde by suitable colouring. What’s more, it should be quite easy to convert this hairstyle into Mohawk or any other similar styling. The Blonde curls have been considered to be the most popular among women. Of course, you may not have blonde hair by default. So, how about opting for blonde dyes? Opt for the Blonde dye and get your curls. But, yes – you will need to patient enough for the best experience.

#2 Curly Mohawk

Image Credit – Pinterest ()

The Mohawk style has been one of the best options for black women with short hair. Of course, you need to part with a little hair on either side of your face, but the hairstyle is rewarding enough.

The hairstyle has been quite revolutionary and exudes the fierce nature of the wearer. In fact, you can make it appear great if you can apply contrasting hues like black and blue. In fact, opting for Blonde styling can make you have a fresh look and appearance.

Mohawk has been one of the prominent hairstyles for men. However, of late – the styling has also become a favourite option for the women as well. Since most black women have short hair, the Mohawk style can be one of the best that they can opt for. Of course, the original male hair style has been provided with a feminine touch to make it work for women without being evident enough.

#3 Side Sweep

Image –

Side sweep is yet another hair style for short hair and can be one of the great options you can go with. The sides are normally kept shorter and the top is kept longer.

You will need to have enough hair on your head so that some of it can be swept to the side. The hairstyle can bring more of your facial features to the fore. You can customise the look depending upon your hair colour and the structure thereof.

If you have gone through the red carpet events or similar high profile functions, you may have noticed that the side swept hairstyle has been one of the most prominently used hair style b any standard. They offer you a sexy look. In fact, one of the hair styles you can try for that date night hairstyle you have been longing for.

#4Light Brown Angled Bob Style

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This hair style is similar to the side sweep style we referred to in the above example. The only difference between the two would be the angled sweeps to the side.

You will also change the hue of your hair to brown or light brown. The short bob coupled with the side sweeps with a brown hue should suit a lot of face types. Of course, any bob style will need you to have a voluminous amount of hair and a good brush to angle them in a perfect manner.

Celebrities have been one of the torchbearers for making the Angled Bob style one of the most popular styles for you. We would definitely look forward to finding it growing ahead. In fact, it can give it a few special textures if you want to. Textures and colours can help you customise it to your heart’s content.

#5 Pixie with a Punk Hair

Image Credit – Pinterest (–pixie-bob-pixie-cuts.jpg)

The Pixie hairstyle refers to the shorter haircut on the back and the sides, with a slightly longer hair growth at the centre. Considered to be one of the most common short hairstyles, it involves multiple variations and improvisations.

One of the variants involves longer bangs at the front side of your face. It can be a good style if you are one of those who has an oval shaped face. Yet another excellent variant involves the keeping the top to a side or shaving off the sides to give it a more punky style.

The short haircut has been one of the most prevalent style statements. The Punk Pixie cuts have been one of the most commonly used short haircut styles. It has a lot of characteristics that go in its favour. The style is sophisticated, funky, and quite trendy enough. How about adding a little glamour with customised colour options?

#6 Spirals Short Hairstyle

Image credit – Pinterest (

Image Credit – Pinterest (

After the Mohawk and Bob styles, this can be one of the best styles for short hair for black women. Improvise your curls further than they naturally are and make them look brighter with a brown hue.

Spiral them off all over your face. You can either go with a streamlined scattering or a messy look. It will be dependent upon your face and composure. Colouring the ends in copper can further enhance the look of hair.

Spirals are one of the commonly opted for hairstyles. Of course, there are looks that resemble curls, but spirals have been what would take it further ahead from the days of simple curls. You need not have any scepticism for the look of thinking whether the style would be compatible with your face, we assure you that it should work with every face outlook.

#7 Shaved Sides

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Women shaving their hair would have been a huge news just a couple of years ago. Not anymore. Shaving off the hair has not remained a taboo anymore for women.

The shaved sides have been one of the most common variants of shaved hairstyles for women. In fact, it improves the sexy look that you can exude. A variant would be to shave off the sides and the back and then leave the hair longer on the top.

Almost equivalent to the Mohawk style of hairdressing, it slightly differs and works as a means of a customised version of the Mohawk hairstyle. The shaved hairstyles have been quite on the popular charts for quite some time now. In fact, you can combine the style with many other options so that you can go with a look that is specifically made for you.

#8 Short Spikes

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Now that you have understood what is a Pixie styled haircut, you will be able to clearly understand that the short spikes form part of a variant of Pixie Hairstyle. It is heavily textured with a blade and given a messy look.

You can opt for the texturing serum to bring in that textured look. Provide a golden brown hue to improve the brightness and shine to your hair. A perfect example of a messy pixie style, it should be your best option if you are looking to exude confidence.

The Spikes style has been around since long. However, it went into oblivion for a while and now came into a revival mode along with the punk revolution. The hairstyle has made itself enter into the mainstream styles for quite some time. If the funky and bold look is what you are looking for, the Spikes should ideally be the best you can go with.

#9 Slighter Curls

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Almost similar to the curls we mentioned above, the slighter curls can be the best if you do not want to come across as someone as funny or carefree. One of the popular short hairstyles, it employs a lot of length on top of your head.

Create larger barrel curls and make use slicked down options at both sides. It will be somewhat akin to subtle Mohawk. The sides can have slighter curls or you may opt for straights to give the look of a short bob.

The curls are the in the thing and the best part with them is they provide you with a whole lot of options when it comes to the customisation to suit your exact preferences. Curls can be shorter, longer and even with different variations. Try out the options you would want to go for and you will indeed love the experience.

#10 All Shaven Short Haircuts

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This can be a different kind of styling that goes beyond the imagination. In essence, we would consider it daring enough.

The almost shaven look can be quite low maintenance. It depends upon your face and its appearance. Not everyone can pull it off that easily. So, we would advise you to take care before taking the daring step and opting for a step like the almost shaven look. Go for a side shave and check how it works in your case.

The badass hairstyle can be one of the best you can go with if you are confident enough and can carry it off with your capacity. If you are not capable of handling it off, never ever go for it. If you really don’t care about the short hair style or a bald look, just go for it.

#11 The Cornrows

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Braids have been one of the common options for black women. The cornrows design has been the best when it comes to braids.

There are multiple variations available in the cornrows pattern. You can either go with the slimmer and traditional cornrows or opt for the thicker options as well. How about combining the cornrows and curls together? That can be yet another practically unique concept taking your hairstyling to the next level.

The cornrow styling has been one of the most prominent hair styles for black women. The style has been made popular by the 90s hip hop styling. It is one of the best options for protecting your hair as has been practised by the African women for ages. There are several variations you can give a try to. Go for twisted or braided, thick or thin or even in different colours.

#12 Uneven Bob Short Hair for Black Women

Image Credit –

Uneven bob is yet another unique style that brings a super sexy look to your hair style. Sides may need a little trimming for this look to appear interesting enough.

You may need to trim the sides quite regularly to carry this ahead in an appreciable manner. You can, in fact, add bold colours to make it look it inspiring. If you are wary of adding the bold colour option, you can go with the semi-transparent option to colour your hair with this style.

Also referred to as asymmetrical Bob, it has been one of the best variations of the Simple Bob. The cute look offered by the Bob may not be easily replaced by the new age funk cuts and pixie cut options. The style is easy to manage, maintain and can handle all kinds of faces.

#13 Braided Mohawk

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The braided Mohawk design can be the best option for you no matter whether you have short hair or long hair. You need not shave your hair for the hairstyle though the hairstyle involves Mohawk.

You can opt for the braids to recreate the Mohawk look without having to shave off your hair. Gather all your braids to the centre and go for the Mohawk look. If the braids are shiny and smooth, the style would provide all the more great look.

Mohawk, as we already discussed has been one of the prominent styles designed for men, but now taken over by women as well. If you want to exude a look that showcases your fearlessness and confidence, the style should be one of the best options you can go with.

#14 Partial Cornrows

Image Credit – Pinterest (–african-braids-hairstyles-prom-hairstyles.jpg)

The hairstyle is meant for the short hair, but you can go with it even when you have longer hair. It involves a combination of cornrows and curly look for a better appearance.

The hairstyle can be best suited for longer hair or any other hair length. Create cornrows at the front and centre. Leave the rest of the hair as it is. You can create curls for the rest of the hair if you wish or leave them straight.

Want to make a style statement with your new age hair style? Partial cornrows are what you should go with. You will be braiding only the top portion of your hair. Rest of the hair is left as it is. This will indeed add up more value to the voluminous collection you have on your head.

#15 Wavy Layers

Image Credit –

This can be one of the excellent variations of the basic bob style. It is one of the styles that involve the Honey Highlights styling that offer you a simple and chic look.

You can provide a deeper side part to the hair as an update to the basic bob style. You can opt for a light brown colour option as well if you want to accentuate the look even further. The wavy hairstyle can be one of the excellent means of pepping up your looks and appearance. There are several textures you can try out if you feel like. The wavy layered structure should ideally work the best for a relaxed mood and style. Of course, you may decide to add up your own customization option with several modifications.

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