Recreating Black Wall Street: Phase One Underway

It has only been a few days since I laid out the vision of building Black Wall Streets everywhere. I know that many of you were initially focused on that small town in Georgia. However, I believe what we outlined in the previous video is better and we have already put the plan in motion as you will see in today’s email.

Black Wall St in 2020 Starts Online

Keep in mind that Black Wall St in Tulsa, OK was 100 years ago and society has evolved so much. That means that Black Wall St in 2020 is going to start with digital, before we go to physical. The great thing about this approach is that the digital world puts us on an even playing field with everyone else.

We must build community, build unity, build wealth, build knowledge, build skills online and then use that money to cement our communities offline.

The last few months should have made it very clear, that the companies that embrace e-commerce are winning (Amazon, etc). Every company and every industry can implement some digital presence even if the actual sale or service happens offline.

Black Health and Health is providing the platform for the black community to dominate the upcoming years.

We have moved at lightning speed and are already up and running with the vision I laid out a few days.

Introducing to you the Black LinkedIn…

Phase 1 is about empowering black individuals so we redesigned our website and added a full professional social network for black professionals!

Example of Black Professionals Network Profile Page

Why the Black Professionals Network is important:

  • A place for us to hire our own
  • A place for us to take pride in our own and to see all of the amazing talent that we have
  • A place for personal and career development
  • A place where other companies can come to hire and invest in black talent
  • A place for you to increase your exposure which will increase your income

The site has Groups and Forums too. So for those of you in other groups, you can technically move your conversation off of Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms that are trying to hush the black voice right now.

Example of Black Professionals Network Group Page

Our site looks better than the other platforms too so we’re off to a very good start.

This is just the beginning and we will need everyone’s support to continue to build out each phase. We also plan to build out a mobile app for the Black LinkedIn in Phase 1, but we will need your support in order to make that a reality.

We also spoke with recruiters from companies like Amazon last week who said they can’t wait to get direct access to black talent to increase diversity at their company. Having a fully built out site with all of our people signed up will help us to hold major companies accountable to finding black talent (and eventually black vendors in phase 2) which will then allow black individuals to increase their income and spend with more black businesses.

So here’s what I need for you to do today:

  1. Set up your account on the Black Professionals Network
  2. Fill in your profile with your professional details (Click edit profile)
  3. Tell all of your black friends, family and colleagues to go sign up on the website today

Black Business Empowerment Plan (Recreating Black Wall St)

Here’s a reminder of the first 3 phases of our plan to rebuild Black Wall St.

  • Phase 1: Black Professionals Network (Black LinkedIn)
  • Phase 2: Black Business Network (Black Yelp)
  • Phase 3: Black Business Education (Black Harvard)

You can watch the video of me laying out the plan here:

I’m excited about what is to come for us! I can’t stress enough how much I need your support. Please let me know your thoughts or feedback. Do not just remain silent if you feel some type of way. I need for you to speak up, take action and support what we are building for you and the entire black community.


Brian Lee

Black Health and Wealth

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