How to Record and Save Instagram Live Videos (Video + Transcript)

By default, Instagram Live videos automatically disappear after your live stream is over. However, I am going to show you a simple way to record, save, and download Instagram Live video in case you want to upload and post the video to social media or your website.


Here’s what you’ll need to record Instagram Live videos:

Hey everyone it is Brian Lee and today I am going to show you how to record Instagram Live videos

Simply using your iPhone, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, or your laptop

It is very simple..this is so easy, you will probably be wondering how you never figured it out before. It is just that simple!

So here are the things that you need…

  1. You need your phone…
  2. You need a smartphone USB cord… This is just a lightning to USB cord. The same cord that you get when you buy the phone…The same cord that you charge your phone with. That is all that you need..
  3. Have your phone hooked up to your computer…With Apple laptops, Apple products, or even desktop iMacs, you have Quicktime software on the computer that comes for free

Those are all the things that you will need!

This cord right here is a 13 foot cord that I purchased off of Amazon and I will include a link in the description in case you want to use it

Noyce 13 Foot White iPhone Lightning to USB Cord

I’m assuming you have a phone. Otherwise, you would not be using Instagram and you would not be watching this video…you have a phone.

And so what we are going to do is jump right in and I will show you how to record Instagram Live video right on Quicktime

Once your phone is connected to your computer using the USB cord. Open up the Quicktime application and in the “File” menu select “New Movie Recording”

When QuickTime opens up, click the dropdown arrow next to the record button

Find your smartphone on the “Camera” dropdown menu

Next, select the microphone that you would like to use to record and make sure there is audio coming through the signal

Now click the red “Record” icon

QuickTime is now recording video from your phone

Within Instagram, click “Live” on the bottom left corner

Now Click “Start Live Video”

Instagram will check your connection and then start the Live countdown

Congratulations, you are now recording Instagram Live

Once you are done. Click “End” on the top right corner of Instagram

Then click the “End Live Video” icon

Now click the “Stop Recording” button in Quicktime

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2 thoughts on “How to Record and Save Instagram Live Videos (Video + Transcript)”

  1. hi thank you for the video question is this only available for i phone users, I have samsung phone android and I have it connected to my iMac using the usb cord that came with the phone but its not letting me connect my device is not found on the drop down tab on quicktime. Please let me know thank you.

  2. First off, I use instagram on my computer only. Second I have a dumb phone that is unable to run apps like instagram intentionally! So not all the people reading your article fall into your assumptions. My friend posts live off-road videos that I wanted to save to my computer. Your article while informative also excludes the possibility of a viewer wanting to record video. Thank you for your efforts but your article should be called “Recording and Saving your personal Live Broadcast.” Just my opinion.

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