The Best Natural Hair Styles for Women

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If you are like most women, figuring out a new, natural hairstyle can be a challenge. This includes women with thick hair and also includes those with short hair. As a result, we put together a guide on hairstyles that you can implement today. These recommendations allow you to show your natural beauty and limit the use of damaging, artificial products in your hair.

Natural Hair care is one of the best options if you really want to take care of your hair in a proper manner. Of course, there are several ways you can manage your hair with products available in the market. But, the issue remains that if you really want to take proper care of your hair, the first thing you ought to think of is to go with the natural products for the purpose.

One of the major issues with the styling products and styling procedure is that they can make your hair brittle and dry. We assume the styles mentioned herein can help you take care of these issues and help you go with nature for the best hair care.

#1 Natural Curls

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The natural curls are always the best you can go with. Grow them as much as you want to and leave them free. Of course, you can add up a little colour of your choice to make it more vibrant, but remember we are talking about natural hairstyles and do not recommend going for artificial colours. How about Henna or something similar?

You can even give some variations if you want to. The sides can be braided or bundled up to give a punk or Mohawk look. You can fashion your curls in many ways depending upon your exact preferences. Showing off your natural curls should ideally be the best way to showcase the health of your hair. A few curls you can opt for include beachy curl, soft curl, wavy curl and a long curl.

#2 Natural Mohawk Hairstyle

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A mention of Mohawk brings us to the hugely popular hairstyle in the form of Mohawk. Initially designed for women, the style has now been a style for both genders. Of course, there would be a few variations you may experience in terms of looks and hairdo depending upon the gender.

In fact, you need to brave enough to pull you with this hairstyle. One of the huge advantages of this hairstyle is that you can just get up and move ahead without having to go with a host of preparations.

A natural Mohawk style is always the best and fun thing to go with. In fact, this style can work both with the short or long hair. Of course, there are several styles and finding of all of them may not be an easy task as such. Curly hair is one of the best to work with.

#3 TWA Hairstyle

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The TWA or Teeny Weeny Afro is the best hairstyle you can go with. The styling should be the one that requires minimum styling and maintenance. Workout with the eyebrows and other options to improve the facial value further.

It is an amazing haircut and offers you the minimalistic approach that would suit all your day to day requirements. If you are fond of lots of hair, this can be something you may not be comfortable with because you do not have much to do with the hair, but even then – this can be the best you can go with if you are someone who loves working out a lot or in the action throughout the day.

A shorter variation of the Afro hairstyle, the TWA option can be considered to be an excellent alternative if you are looking for a natural hairstyle. The TWA haircut has hair strands at the maximum of 2 inches. The TWA style would never be embarrassing or boring under normal circumstances. Go creative with subtler variations and go with the best short hair styling ever!

#4 Super Short Blonde

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How about the more sassy and fierce look for your natural hair? The blonde hairstyling has always been the most preferred one at that.

You need to be extremely confident to work on this hairstyle. Going almost bald may not be an easier decision. You will indeed need to be daring enough to carry it on. If you do not have a natural hair colour, you can opt for any colour that suits your personality.

The short blonde hairstyle has been considered to be one of the best options for spring and summer. One of the simple and cuter styling options for all your short hair needs, you can choose the one that best suits your facial features and skin tone. Consult your stylist and go with the best that suits you.

#5 Long Pixie Look

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For those who love natural hairstyles, the Pixie cut can be one of the excellent options in every right. In fact, the Pixie cut has been one of the shortest hairstyling options you can go with. Even then, you can opt for a longer version of the cut.

Some of the variations you may go with include going slightly curly, or opting for a poker straight option depending upon your tastes. Leaving the curls intact and free-flowing can be one of the interesting alternatives. Why not give a try to your new look with a long pixie cut?

Pixie looks are always treated to be one of the confidence building options. A variation of the style has been the long pixie and sported by celebrities across the globe. It does provide you with an elegant and glamorous look and has been one of the sophisticated options among the short hairstyle fans.

#6 Finger Coil Out Faux Hawk

What makes short hairstyles one of the best is the fact that they help you save a lot of time. The finger coils are the best means of offering you a clean and polished look.

A perfect combination of a faux hawk and finger coils would ideally make it one of the best hairstyles you can go with. The Faux Hawk hairstyle almost resembles the Mohawk style of hairdressing with a little difference. The major difference between the two styles is that the Faux Hawk style does not come with any shaved hair.

The finger coil hairstyle should be a great option on any length of hair and texture. The natural curly style should be a great option for almost any age group. It will last about two weeks once done. The styling should ideally consume around one to two hours of your time.

#7 Fade Haircut

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The fade haircut is one of the styles initially designed for the men but now moved ahead to include women as well. The style involves a bald back and sides and an increased hair growth as we move towards the top.

One of the variations of the tapered cut which is one of the common options for the short haircut styles, the Fade Haircut comes with the length of the hair considerably shorter than the tapered cut. The hairstyle comes with several alternatives and variations and you can choose the one that exactly matches your needs.

The hairstyle does come with a few variations and you may choose the one that exactly meets your face type and other facial features. A few options you may try out include skin fade, taper fade, high fade and mid fade. The style has been quite popular over the years.

#8 Caramel Curls

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One of the favourite styles with the celebrities, the Caramel Curls have been quite favoured by the fans of short hairstyle. One of the advantages that the hairstyle offers you include the rest provided to the scalp area.

Many black women prefer this hairstyle because the tension will be quite perfect. In fact, opting for heavy lengths of hair can result in damage to the hair. The hairstyle is indeed an extremely excellent option for something super sexy, short and sharper.

A perfect blend of blonde and brunette hairstyles, caramel should ideally be the best that makes an excellent combination in its own right. You may go with a host of variations that include beachy to deep brown. You can use the styling to make use of a perfect transition between hues for your hair.

#9 Tapered Cut

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Have you had long hair for quite some time and looking for a change? The tapered cut is the best option you can go with.

It can indeed be the best style for those who are looking to go to the roots. The convenience that the style offers you should be one of the prime reasons we love to opt for it. The natural hair style can promote a better hair condition that you would otherwise force your hair to like pressing, curling and rolling.

One of the positive points that go in favour of the Tapered Cut hairstyle is the simplicity with which it goes well with your personality. The pattern will make use of your natural curls. The style will definitely help you enhance and rock your confidence by leaps.

#10 Short Cut with Shaved Sides

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This can be treated to be a combination of multiple haircut styles. The length can be variable depending upon your personal preferences.

You can either opt for a subtle shave on either side or go with a more clearer shave as in the case of Mohawk. But, the hair in the middle is kept as it is. Being a woman, you would not want to shave off the sides completely. In that case, you may follow the option you find in the above style.

One of the hairstyles that come under the category of badass hairstyles, this will definitely make you stand out of the huge gathering quite easily. In fact, it was quite uncommon for girls and women to opt for the shaved hairstyles, but things seem to have changed for the better.

#11 Mohawk with Caramel Curls

Mohawk is probably one of those styles that have been customised to form a few multiple options. In fact, stylists have been stressing that the Mohawk with Caramel is one of the best short hair styles for Black women.

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As you can clearly find in the above illustration, the sides are shaved and the lump is left at the top. The style should turn a few heads given the look that offers you. The chocolate curls should indeed be the best you may go with.

How would you rate a great combination of the two most popular hairstyles? Caramel curls, as we just found out has been one of the options that give you a lot of variations and shades. Coupled with Mohawk, which is invariably the best short hair style you can go with, it can indeed be a good option you can opt for.

#12 Side shaves with Golden Curls

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If being bold is what you excel in, this is yet another “almost bald” style that you can opt for. Go for the shaved sides and a bald like curls at the top. The short hairstyle can be one of the daring ones if you are trying to impress the crowd around you.

If you do not want to shave off the sides entirely, you may give a thought to the creative styling for the sides. The one in the above illustration may be one such bold option you may try. Yet another shaved style, the looks can really be daring and confident. Of course, though we have focussed on the golden hue for the curls, you may choose any other option in tune with your skin tone and face type. You can also decide to have a half shave and long hair combination as well if that suits your personality.

#13 TWA with the Shaved Sides

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Go for the look that accentuates your features, but do not opt for something that will feel overcoming your face. This should be one of those hairstyles that will help you go back into the basic styles.

However, it should be ideal to go with a stylist for a proper understanding. The style and colour you choose should go well with your face and skin tone. Take into account these aspects for a great look on your face. Afro styles are always customisable. That is exactly what makes TWA or Teeny Weeny Afro a great style in itself. Coupling it up with other variations like side shaves can bring a slightly different look than the traditional Mohawk. Go with the confident hairstyle and make those heads turn!

#14 Goddess Braid

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Goddess braids can be quite chic and sophisticated in their own right. In fact, it has been considered to be one of the most natural options for braiding and hair care.

The steps involved are quite simple and easy to work with. The braiding style has been treated to be most feminine and beautiful way to wear your hair. These hair styles can be quite intact for weeks together.

If you are used to cornrow braids, you will be able to associate well with goddess braids. Thay have often been treated as the oversized cornrows. You braid the hair much close to the scalp and opt for a few variations and styles. A few customizations you can go with include crown braid, Mohawk braid or a bun to suit your needs.

#15 Dreadlocks

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Also referred to as locs, this has been one of the favourite hairstyle options for the lovers of natural hair care. The process of creating this hairstyle is called locking.

The method adopted involves twisting the natural hair and holding it together. A continuous process will finally yield a result where the hair strands will stick together and provide an appearance of one big strand. You will again need assistance from a renowned stylist so that you can opt for a proper maintenance for your hair. The style has been quite popular among the Indian ascetics, also referred to as Sadhus where it is called Jata. The style involves creating a rope like structures that extend up to your chest level or even beyond. They can representative of a religious leaning, an ethnic pride or a confident statement on its own.

#16 High Bun

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The high bun can be a great option if you are a working woman. It should also be a good option for you if you are into regular exercises.

The High bun gives you an authoritative and confident look. It will also aid you in keeping your hair away from falling on your face while you are exercising or attending your day to day corporate activities. In fact, it can also enhance your height considerably. It is one of the excellent options for a protective hairstyle.

The hairstyle has been around for years together and has never in the history of mankind has gone out of fashion. That in itself should speak of its popularity and acceptance. What makes it a great alternative to other hairstyles is the fact that it is quite versatile and can be worked out in several ways.

#17 Twisted Ninja Bun

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One more variation of the classic bun hairstyle, this can be your take on a more modern hairstyle in many of its avatars. One of the excellent options for natural hairstyles, it can be converted into an edgy and modern styling in every right.

The hairstyle suits almost all hair lengths. If you are looking for more, you may add extensions before you can tie the bun. In fact, there are several variations to Ninja Bun and one of them that can raise your eyebrows is the Twisted Ninja Bun.

There are a few variations you may try out. Twisted Ninja Bun with bangs has been one of the most prominent and popular hairstyles you can give a try to. Of course, you need to have long hair for the style to work out – or else you may use extensions if you want to.

#18 Flat Twists

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Flat Twists are possibly one of the hairstyles that have been in existence since long. In fact, it was in existence even before the movement for natural haircare has been in place.

The flat twists have been helpful in keeping your hair relaxed and free from any damage. In fact, over styling can cause heavy damage to your hair. The FlatTwists can indeed be the best options for protecting your hair against such damage. You can accessorise it with an elegant flower or any other hair accessory.

If you are looking for the simple and elegant hairstyle option, the Flat Twists are the best you can opt for. The style is entirely versatile and can fit almost every occasion. You can opt for it either at the side, centre or even for the entire head.

#20 Box Braids

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Yet another celebrity hairstyle, this has been popularised by Janet Jackson. The style was in vogue during the 90s. It still continues to impress both the wearer and the onlookers.

It can work as both a protective style and a good length. The hair style comes with an infinite number of variations and modifications. You can also accessorise and decorate them with beads, flowers and threads. They are low in maintenance requirements and that could be one of the advantages.

If you are one of those women who is looking for versatility n their hairstyling, the Box braids should be the best one you can go with. In fact, they have been one of the ideal hairstyles for the black women over the years. Low maintenance requirements are what should make it one of the best options you can go with.

#21 Bantu Knots

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A definitive hair style combined with the voluminous curls – that is precisely what you can be assured with the Bantu Knots hairstyle. This has been a hair style in vogue among the African women.

The style is considered to be the cute and flirty among traditional cultural groups of African origin. However, the style has now crossed the geographical boundaries as well. The hairstyle is not actually a knot, but a set of smaller buns created at the sides and centre.

Bantu Knots have been one of the preferred hairstyles for the coloured women. If you are looking for the volume and well defined curls, this can be the best you can go with. It has been one of the popular protective hairstyles and does not require huge investment or accessories to work with. However, you need to be bold enough to carry it on.

#22 Pineapple Hairstyle

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One of the most preferred natural hairstyle options, the Pineapple Hairdo is specifically created for those with curly hair. Initially introduced to protect your hair while you sleep, the style has grown quite popular over the years.

The focus on the natural hair growth has been one of the reasons that have made the style more popular. It has been considered to be one of the excellent options for a status where you do not have enough time to prepare for the day.

Considered to be one of the best options to work with your curls, the style helps you maintain your curls in the most simple manner. Unlike the high ponytail, it is one of the best hairstyles you can go with if you are looking for the twist out styles for your hair.

#23 Curly Bob Hairstyle

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If you are someone who does not like the long hair, you should ideally opt for the Bob Style. And in case you have curly hair, you will indeed be opting for a unique style in its own right – the Curly Bob Style.

The curly hair is quite awesome and offers you the options for sophistication and a sexy look. You can opt for differed sub styles for your hair if you do not like the classic bob style. There are a few options like stacked or angled bobs or a combination of multiple hairstyles.

The style is entirely feminine and fashionable. The simplicity with which you would be able to style it should make it a great choice in its own right. Bob styles have indeed replaced those old age curly hairstyles and the pin up looks. A perfect combination of natural curls and classic bob can be one of the best options you can go with.

#24 Afro Hairstyle

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Afro Hairstyle has been one of the popular hairstyles since long. It has been one of the coolest hairstyles you can go with.

The style has everything that you would look ahead for in any hair styling option. Go for the curls, braids or colours – choose the one that best meets your requirements. The hair style is based on a concept that the higher your hair is – the more closer you are to the heaven. One of the excellent options for those with curls, why not try it even when you are not an African?

Popularised in the 1970s, the Afro hairstyle has been reinvented in 2010 with the natural movement and has been in vogue since then. There are a few great natural styles you can opt for if you want to experience the power of Afro style, commonly referred to as ‘fro.

#25 Spaced Buns

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This is yet another style that has taken it beyond the traditional option that it had been. These have been cute and possibly remind you of your childhood.

The style can be one of the best options if you are someone who does not have enough hair to make it all into one bun – like the one we mentioned above in the section related to High Bun. The short hair can be made into two buns on either side of the head. Unlike the high bun which stands much high, the Spaced Buns can be created at the neck level.

The spaced buns have been popular enough in the 90s and have also been known by the name Double Buns. They have been considered to be cute, unique and funny hairstyles that can be worked out quite easily. The space buns can also be helpful if you have dirty hair and you are looking to find a way to conceal it.

#26 FauxHawk with Temple Cut

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If you are the one with curly hairstyle, you would have been struggling with one major issue – the edges and free strands. In case they tend to end up improperly, the best you can go with is opt for this unique fusion hairstyle.

Keep the hair on your temple shorter. It is indeed a simplified hairstyle you can opt for refreshing your hair in a positive manner. You can enhance the styling to make the hair bounce at the top without you having to worry about the ends.

TheFauxhawk hairstyle has been one of the prominent hairstyles specifically designed as a variation of Mohawk hairstyle and can offer you a quirky and bold style. They are interestingly trendy and offer you a plenty of styles to choose from.

#27 Afro American Frohawk

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Mohawk, as we have constantly been referring to, is one of the first hairstyles you would ever think of if you are looking for a natural hairstyle. But, what if you are not willing to take that daring step ahead?

Well, the Frohawk can be your best friend in that case. You will not need to shave your hair at the sides and yet go with that great look that resembles Mohawk. It is quite natural and looks natural in every way. Bring home the edgy feeling of Mohawk, but stay fashionable without shaving off. A perfect combination, isn’t it?

Yet another derivative of Mohawk hairstyle, Frohawk offers you curly updo styling – the style comes in the form of centralised hair section that would run from forehead to the nape. A perfect combination of both Mohawk and Afro hairstyles, the style is commonly worn by African American men and women.

#28 Knotted Hair scarf

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Natural hairstyles need not be dependent upon the specialised hair styles. Even the accessories can bring up the new look and make you stand out from the crowd.

The major accessories that can be helpful for you can be headscarves, bandanas, headbands and similar other options. The look can be versatile and can offer you a wider functionality. It can also go a long way in promoting the protection of your natural hair. It can be a good option if you do not want to show off your hair.

The knotted scarf hairstyle is ideally one of the simplest options for styling your nature in a more natural manner. You can opt for variations with your scarf and go with those styles that would indeed suit your facial features and skin tones so that your appearance is accentuated.

#29 Inverted Cornrows

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They are also referred to as Didi Braids as well. If you want to take care of your natural hair, the best option you have at your disposal is cornrows.

The cornrows have been one of the best options, but how about giving a fresh look to the traditional cornrows you have been used to? This is the best you can go with if you want to give a new twist to the hair styling and opt for something more popular. The style is fresh and unique in its own right.

Even if you are used to cornrows before, you may not be able to make out the difference. You would be able to find the differences between the regular cornrows and the inverted ones only if you have keen eyes. The inverted cornrow will have a raised appearance in comparison to the regular cornrows which offer you a raised bump. Though they may appear complicated one, you will find it quite simple and easy to go with when you attempt them from close quarters.

#30 Short Naturals

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Do you have short natural curls? In that case, you do not need to be extra careful if you want to look gorgeous. If you do not like opting for those styling products that would ruin your hair, the best you can opt for is to go with a few natural styles.

Since the hair is quite short, you may not be able to opt for those larger accessories. However, a few smaller accessories like hairclips would be a good option. Use those accessories that can complement your hair texture and colour.

Of course, this can be your best option if you are someone who does not like wearing extensions to your hair. The short naturals can be the best that can happen to you in summer. It may also be the best one that you would be able to opt for – in case you are someone who indulges in a lot of activities.

#31 Faux Hawk

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Faux Hawk has been one of the common hairstyles we have been used to. However, if you are looking for the Faux Hawk hairstyle that is in tune with the natural hairstyling, you have natural faux hawk at your disposal.

The Faux Hawk is indeed akin to the work of art in more ways than one. Go with a complex structure of twists and zigzags and one of the complex braided designs. The hairstyle is quite short enough and has everything you would look in a hair styling. Quite comfortable to wear, it can be your best bet for all your needs in natural hair style.

The fauxhawk style can be one of the best for bringing up a new look to your image and can even be the best you can go for even for an interview. The style closely resembles the all powerful Mohawk hairstyle in almost all its glory.

#32 Pixie With Curls

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Well, one more fusion hair style that combines multiple hairstyles together. Want to take the Pixie hairstyle to the next level? You can do it simply by combining the Pixie hairstyle with natural curls.

Form these curls through the natural means and ensure that these are formed in a flawless manner. Never go for the tighter or looser curls. Make sure that these are softer and manageable. Add up a few additional features like baby hair or sideburns if you want to.

The Pixie haircut has been one of the most powerful ones in terms of best natural hairstyles we have always been focussed on. If you have curls, the Pixie hairstyle can be one of the excellent options you may go with. The hairstyle has been one of the best ones and in fact, the most searched ones over the internet in recent times.

#33 Side Parted Afro

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A side part is a style that you can combine with a host of other hair styles. TWA and Afro are a couple of examples you can use with the side part.

Afro naturally comes with a centre part. Changing it slightly to side part can bring up a new dimension to your styling. In fact, the side part has been one of the styles that attempt to defy the traditional styles. Give a little extra attention to the sides with something natural like coconut oil. Whether you choose to part to the left or right should depend upon your personal choice.

Afro has been one of the most preferred hairstyles when you are looking for the best hairstyles for short natural hair. The Afro hairstyle comes with several variations and can be a great accessory to accentuate your looks if you have long shaped hair styles. Side parted Afro is one such variation that will make it an excellent option.

#34 Curly Mohawk with Side Braids

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Mohawk, like Pixie, is one of the haircuts that have been receiving huge updates and customisations. Mohawk offers you several options so that you can customise the looks to suit your needs and facial appearance.

The above illustration is an indication of the high degree of customisation options that the Mohawk hairstyle offers. Going with a two tone look can enhance the look further and improve your look. You can either choose to shave off the sides subtly or opt for the braids on the sides.

Mohawk is ideally one of the styles that can go with almost every other style as such. It is not only time saving, but also provides you with a high degree of customisation. The curly Mohawk with side braids is one such variation that fit almost all occasions and facial features.

#35 Tricolor Curls

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Of course, natural hair styling is all about staying natural. But, there are a few differentiations you may opt for. Colouring options are just one of them.

Choose the colours that you would want to opt for. Ensure that the colours you opt for are from natural sources. One such example is Henna. The choice of colour should be entirely upon you. You would just need to ensure that the colour offers you a natural texture. If you are looking for something bright and fun filled – this is the style right for you.

#36 Mohawk with Bantu Knots

Image credit ––hairstyles-for-thick-hair-popular-hairstyles.jpg

We have already covered a Mohawk based alteration in a previous illustration. Here is one more customised hairstyle that combines the Bantu knots with Mohawk.

Mohawk has always been in the forefront for the best in the natural hair styles. Here is another example for the Mohawk inspired design that you can indeed opt for. What makes it an interesting option is the ability to play around with the Bantu Knots options. Customise the number and size of Bantu knots and arrive at the best results.

Yet another perfect fusion styling you can go with, it is a proof to the excellent functionality that Mohawk offers you. That yet again proves that Mohawk is one of those excellent options that can be combined with any other hairstyle you can ever think of. Bantu Knots coupled with Mohawk is a great Afro American hairstyle you can go with.

#37 Short Tapered Cut

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The tapered cut has always been one of the excellent options you can go with. How about changing it a little and opting for a shorter variation? That is exactly what we have done with this style.

This has been considered to be one of the best options for short hair. This can be one of the options for natural hair and has been given multiple variations. Give it a nice height and have a little more hair on either side. The curls on the top can be given a little style so that you will indeed feel feminine.

We may possibly consider this one as one of the best and trendy variations for Afro hairstyle. The tapered cut will offer you a great option for customising it with the looks you would be comfortable with. The style comes with a host of options that will suit your sense of fashion and lifestyle.

#38 Cinnamon Curls

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This one is one of the best Afro American hairstyles and has been one of the popular among the black women. Combined with a half up the top knot, it can be an incredibly excellent option for accentuating the looks on your face.

Of course, it would be advisable to consult your stylist before you can actually opt for this hairstyle. He should be in a position to let you choose the right colour tone for your hair. Opt for a tone that would accentuate your skin and enhance the glow on your face.

#39 Curly Afro Puff

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Looking for a ponytail and distressed with not enough longer hair? Do not fret. Go for an Afro Puff. One of the best hairstyles for the short hair, it can be what you would find interesting enough.

It can be quite glossy and thus offer an impression of being full. You can go with the style and it meets all your needs across events and occasions. Try keeping it smoother enough through natural means.

A puff can be an excellent alternative to a bun. In fact, the puffs have been one of the hairstyles that are preferred by Afro American women since ages. The variations that it offers can indeed be quite intriguing and a great option in its own right.

#40 Pinup Style

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The Pinup styles have been one of the most productive ones since quite long. But, believe us – they have been continuing with the emphasis that they really deserve.

It can be turned completely modern with the right tinge of practical application. You can opt for a bandana and give a front bump. You can further customise it with smoothed out sides for a better effect. In fact, you can twist it with both modern and classic inputs.

There are several pinup styles you can go with. Choose the one that exactly meets your styles and requirements. Some prime examples are pinup curls, an updo with a scarf, curls with bangs and retro hairstyle. The stylists have been leaving no stone unturned to make sure that the style does not go out of fashion.

#41 Straw Hairstyle

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One of the twisted looks, it can be one of the best – but appears quite impossible when you have a look at it. And it is done in a natural way, instead of using the artificial options.

As the name should be indicative enough, just wrap those hair strands around a straw. Let it dry overnight. Of course, you can use a dryer for a faster option, but we will not recommend it as we are talking about the natural means of grooming your hair. Pull them out once set and see the results!

The straw hairstyle is one of the popular curly hairstyles for natural hair. This is treated to be the best option for wearing your natural hair in the best possible sophisticated manner. The lack of need for pulling off your hair or applying heat, it can be considered to be one of the safest hairstyles you can go with.

#42 Afro Puff with Headband

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Here is yet another accessory oriented hairstyle that would suit the naturalists more than anything else. Just follow an Afro hairstyle that we have discussed a few paragraphs before and secure them with a proper coloured headband.

Combine the simplicity and cuteness into one single option. That is exactly what will bring you to the Afro styling with a difference. Possibly that will be what makes the Afro cuts more protective than what they actually are without the headband.

You can make use of the headbands that would meet all your needs. You can choose the one that would suitably meet your needs. In fact, the Afro style has been one of the popular hairstyles for the African American women and the addition of an accessory in the form of the headband can be an excellent option.

#43 Double Halo Braid

Image Credit ––halo-braid-tutorials-halo-braid-natural-hair-tutorials.jpg

You may call it by several names – Halo, Goddess, or Dutch. Almost all of them come with an almost similar look. There are a few subtle differences you may not even notice unless you are an expert in the arena.

The styling does not need any kind of high experience or expertise, though the end result is the quite interestingly high end. No matter which one of them are you looking for – you will find the hairstyle exciting and impressive in every aspect.

The Halo Braid hairstyle has been quite popular since ages. The hairstyle has also been known as the Crown Braid. The style was in vogue among the Greek women in the past and the popularity has been evident in the current ages as well. The style also should be the best to go with for almost every occasion.

#44 Bandana Curls

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One of the best options for a non-heat affected natural hair styling; this can be one of the best options for your need. Opting for natural options will help you get better effects rather than damaging your hair.

In fact, the natural techniques will help you get a wavy form rather than the strict curls. You may want to customise it further. Adding a few bangs can aid you to get a better funky and modern look. They should be one of the best options for a better washing. Of course, one of the best ways to use accessories to showcase your curls, this is the best you can go with.

One of the excellent no heat hairstyles, it can be your best bet for the voluminous curls. What would make it one of the best options is the fact that it comes with an easy functionality that works wonderfully with even handkerchiefs and scarfs.

#45 Bunhawk

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A funny take on the Mohawk hairstyle – the Bunhawk can be one of the best hairstyle options for the naturally curly hair. It can be your right option if you are checking out the great options to get rid of the hair falling on your face.

The hairstyle can be used with a few other options or variations as well. How about using the Bantu Knots we explained in the previous illustration? Make use of it for the hawk part, while opting for your usual way of making a bun.

The Bunhawk has been considered to be one of the best alternative s for Mohawk. It offers you a completely easy workability and assures you a few appreciative looks. Whether you are trying out the options for crazy parties, gymnastics or exercises – this is the best you can go with.

In Conclusion

Most of the hairstyles we have discussed here are focussed on the short hair. In fact, growing your hair can be both exciting and tiring at the same time. But.. but… but, there are ways you will be disappointed with the actual growth of hair on your head. It may not be always as you would have expected it to be. Maybe you are trying a few new hairstyles and none of them seem to be working the way you would want to. In such cases, finding the right kind of hairstyles can be a great issue. That is precisely why we have focussed on the short hair and featured a host of styles meant for the short hair.

Having said that, it should be noted that opting for the natural hairstyle is always one of the best options for safeguarding the health of your hair. Going with the artificial styling products or similar other processes would be detrimental in more ways than one. That is precisely why we have listed the hairstyles that indeed employ natural means of growing one’s hair or for that matter, styling it.

Which among these styles have you used for your day to day routine or even for those special occasions? Do share your thoughts and experiences with us. That would help us and our readers make a learned choice.

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