Natural and Sexy Hairstyles to Amp Up Your Short Hair

The ‘big chop’ can be very symbolic, a moment of letting go of the old and embracing the new, and can also make transitioning to natural hair a little easier. This is because you won’t need to worry about your natural curls growing in while you still have a few straight parts hanging around.

One of the biggest misconceptions about curly or kinky hair is that it doesn’t grow and that cutting it short means it’ll be short forever. Curly hair grows just as quickly as any other type of hair but is more likely to break off at the ends as it’s far more likely to be dry and brittle than straight hair. Hair that has been heat-treated, relaxed, or regularly flat-ironed is even more susceptible to simply snapping off – so it may look the same length, but it is growing!

In order to avoid these issues, going short can be a great way to keep your hairstyles easier to manage even though black braid hairstyles are very easy to manage too. Some people argue that having short hair is not as sexy as long hair. Well, this is ENTIRELY untrue as some of the hottest women (and girls) alive rock the short styles. Plus, sexy comes from your confidence, good hygiene, and a killer personality to go with it- short or long hairstyles are an added bonus.

Read on for great ideas for natural hairstyles for short hair.

Natural Short Hairstyles

Bantu Knots


Bantu knots are a great starting point for girls who have gone for the chop; they hide a multitude of sins and work even if your hair is just a few inches long. Section your hair and twist until it forms knots against your scalp. Pin to secure and you’re done! 


Many of the iconic images we see of braided hair involve long, flowing locks, but it is entirely possible to wear braids and leave your hair short. In fact, avoiding extensions may even benefit your hair as there’ll be less stress and tension at the root. Choose cornrows or simply braid your hair to sleep – you’ll get fantastic curls when you unravel in the morning. Just make sure to sleep on a silk pillow or wrap your hair in a silk scarf before bed: friction equals frizz!


It may seem like cheating, but a wide elastic headband is a great way to hide your hair while looking chic and stylish – plus, it’s faster than styling for days when you really need to get up and go. Keep it simple with plain colors, or add print for a fun twist.

Marley / Senegalese twists

If you don’t want to style your own hair and would rather leave it to a professional, Senegalese or Marley twists are a serious style statement and also protect your natural hair as it grows. However, it’s a good idea to keep the twists loose, as pulling too tight can prevent you from properly moisturizing your new hair and also place serious stress on the roots. Stick to short twists if you need to.

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