How to Style Your Natural Curls

Many women with naturally curly hair spend large amounts of time trying to tame it into submission and in many cases our lovely black ladies fight against their natural hair texture with flat irons, or relaxing treatments. However, in recent years, many are now learning to love their black hairstyles, braids and natural locks, letting them roam wild and free. Yes, it can be annoying when it frizzes up at the slightest hint of humidity, but curly hair is just as beautiful as straighter hair.

If you’ve decided it’s time to embrace your curls, congratulations! It might take some time, but eventually, your hair will be healthier and happier.

There are tons of great natural hairstyles for curly hair, and with a little know-how, you’ll be able to achieve them with ease.

Here are a few styling secrets for keeping curls manageable and having a great hair day every single day.

The first key to great styling for natural hair – any hair, really – is the right haircut. You don’t necessarily need a specialist hairstylist, but you do need to make sure you tell your hairdresser about your hair texture. Curly girls can wear most cuts, but it’s a good idea to avoid bangs and leave your hair long (unless you’re planning to rock a short style).

The second key is to make sure you’re constantly moisturizing your hair; curly girls struggle with dryness and brittleness as moisture simply can’t penetrate a twisty hair shaft. Dryness leads to frizz, and brittleness to breakage – make sure you’re washing your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and silicone-free conditioner. Leave-in conditioners, creams, and oils are great too. If your hair is still looking a bit frizzy, treat it to a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

Many stylists recommend that curly hair should always be left to dry naturally, but if you’re in a rush and that’s not an option, diffusing is the only way to go. Let your hair dry naturally for as long as possible, and then blow dry on cool with a diffuser attachment – cupping the curls in your palm and laying them over the surface to prevent frizz. Never blow dry without a diffuser as this is a surefire road to serious frizz.

One of the biggest myths about curly hair is that you should never brush it, but it’s just that: a myth. Brushing at night can actually help to condition your hair, as it distributes oils that would otherwise struggle to make it down your hair shaft throughout the hair. This gives it a great boost of moisture, if you avoid brushing because your hair transforms into a mound of frizz, give it a rinse before styling it in the morning. 

The final styling step for curly hair is product; as with most things, not all products will work for all people, and you may need to try a few things out. Once you’ve found a product that works for you, try not to break up your curl pattern while applying it. Scrunching generally works better than raking or combing, as these can cause breakage and disturb your curls’ natural bounce.

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