BE 0001: How to Rebound After You’ve Hit Rock Bottom, Build Scalable Businesses, and Leave a Legacy Through Life Insurance

In this episode of  the Black Excellence  Podcast, Stacey Randolph-Castillo joins us to talk about her gut-wrenching story of starting businesses with her spouse right out of high school, only to have him die in a motorcycle accident at 24 years of age, right around the time that they let their life insurance policy lapse…This podcast is packed with so much great information.

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We also talk about building businesses from scratch, expanding businesses, and hiring help. Stacey also breaks down the different types of life insurance options so that anyone can understand the concept.

Topics Discussed In This Episode

  • How Stacey got involved in Life Insurance. How her dad taught her about Insurance and how that impacted her at a young age
  • How she took $30,000 out of a Life Insurance Policy to buy her first house at 20 years old
  • Building businesses at a young age with her husband and then losing it all after her husband’s death
  • What someone needs to do to get started in a career in life Insurance and what you have to do to be successful in that field
  • Deep dive into life insurance.types of life insurance and term life insurance vs whole life insurance

Stacey’s Contact Information

Conyers, GA Office 1: 770-483-2070

Atlanta, GA Office: 404-638-6593



Red Bottoms in Business Instagram: redbottomsinbusiness

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