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Waking up to the realization that you don’t like your job happens to many in their 40’s. You might feel that you haven’t advanced in your field as much as you would like. It can feel like you’ve wasted time and not benefited from ideal results.

Even if it doesn’t seem possible, you can always start a new career at 40. However, sooner is better than later. Starting a new career should begin as soon you make the decision to change fields. To succeed, you’ll need to know how to approach changing career paths. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when deciding to boost a new career in your 40’s.

Decide Which Career is Right For You

When making a career change at 40 ideas abound, but realistic ones might be rare. Just because you love something doesn’t mean it is the job for you. Someone wanting to be a chef with young children to care for may find that the late nights and low pay when you start out make it a bad choice. However, getting a degree in computer science to pursue a job in I.T. may be better suited for a work-life balance. 

To prevent from unrealistically jumping into a job you’re not suited to, speak with friends and professionals in the field. This will give you insight about the industry and how to succeed. Volunteering or working in your free time at the job will help you decide if the industry is right for you. You’ll get an idea for how much time it will take to develop your business skills. 

Find Out What the Career Requires

Another important thing to learn about any workplace is if any new certifications, education requirements or concrete skills are needed to do the job. While certifications and learning skills are easier to obtain, a degree can take time. This means figuring out if you have the resources to get educated and can afford all the costs. Changing paths requires budgeting your time and staying focused on your goals because it is easy to get sidetracked.

Know How to Market Yourself

People gain confidence in their abilities after years of working, and know how to apply them to new areas. Confidence that you can handle anything the new career brings your way can benefit in a new job. It pays to know how to use this confidence to market your skills. This way, people can get to know you for what you’re great at. Despite being late in the game, they’ll trust your ability to do your job. You might want to study the websites, social media accounts, and personalities of successful people in your field. What have they done to build their reputation as successful? How can you do the same? 

Go With Your Gut!

Deciding to begin a new job that you think will improve your life is a daunting task in your 40’s. Even if you’re making a career change at 45, with a little research it is possible to succeed. Joining an industry that you love can boost confidence and improve your health and relationships. Make sure you know what it will take to begin a new career. Figure out if you can afford to live working in that career, and be confident that you will succeed. All these traits will help make the career switch you desire a success.

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  1. Thank you for the excellent podcasts. Impressive real world college level content. Just what the Black community needs. As a professional Life Coach I am impressed with both the content & diversity of your topics and the professionalism of the presentations. Congratulations Brian Lee.

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