How to Make a Career Change at 30

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Society makes many of us feel that by age 30 we should be settled into a stable career, gaining experience and moving up within a company. However, finding the perfect job is not that easy, even for people who have worked their way up and are now in their 40’s. Truth is, there is not set age that determines where you should be career wise.  

At times, even people who are working in their dream field struggle to advance any further and find themselves in a dead end. When this happens, a career change at 30 is not the end of the world. Instead, it’s a fresh opportunity to use all the knowledge and skills learned and apply them in a new setting. 

Point of the matter is, it’s never too late to make this change. Even though it may be a bit difficult at first, it’s much better than working within a career you don’t enjoy. 

Here are some positives and negatives to keep in mind: 


• At this age you’ll have an increased level of confidence that will enable you to make the switch more easily. 

• A career change at 35 or 40 still gives you time to excel within your new career for many years before it’s time to retire. 

• A positive career change is great for your health and relationships. 

• You have so many skills and experienced that you can transfer into this new career field. 


• If you have little children at home, this change could be a little difficult to manage and finance. 

• If you decide on a career change you may need to take some time off your current job to prepare and train for the new job. 

• If you’re unable to take the time off, you will need to work full-time for a while and prepare for your new career at the same time. 

Now that you know some of the advantages and downfalls to switching careers, decide whether it’s something you want to do. It’s better late than never so if you’re not happy, why drag it out even longer? There is no better time for positive changes than now. 

How To Make The Change 

Wondering how to change careers at 30? The solution is simple – make the decision and don’t look back. Yes, this decision can turn out being stressful and overwhelming at first, but just like everything else, good things take time. 

You will want to do your research and be well informed about the process of changing careers. The initial stages will be the toughest but push through and you’ll be content with the result. If you have children, ask your spouse or a close relative to help you look out for them while you use the extra hours to prepare for this transition. 

Also, consider saving up some extra money in case you need to take some time off your current job. All in all, making a career change at the age of 30 is much more common than you may believe. If you happen to make this transition, we congratulate for getting one step closer to a career that better suits your goals and success!

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  1. Thank you for the excellent podcasts. Real world business college level content. Just what the Black community needs. As a professional Life Coach I am impressed with both the variety of topics and the quality of your presentations. Congratulations Brian Lee.

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