BE 0002: How to Become a Rockstar Fashion Buyer, an Expert in Retail Merchandising, and a Master of Private Labeling

On this episode of the Black Excellence Podcast, Nana Adu-Adjei joins us to talk about driving revenue for  a retail brand. Nana has vast expertise in Retail Merchandising, Fashion Buying, and Private Label Buying.

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In This Episode of Black Excellence, We Discuss:

Nana’s Story

  • How Nana got into merchandising and working with Foot Locker
  • What it is like working for Foot Locker corporate. He’s been there for 10 years which is rare for Millennials!

Fashion Buying and Fashion Merchandising

  • What exactly does someone in Retail or Fashion Merchandising do?
  • How you can become a retail merchandiser
  • How you can become a fashion buyer.
  • How difficult it is to become a fashion buyer

Trade Shows

  • The benefits of retailers going to trade shows
  • The benefits of brands buying booths at the shows 

Air BNB and Vacation Rental Properties

  • How Nana got involved in Vacation Rentals
  • What its like running a successful business with friends
  • The websites to post vacation rentals on to get bookings
  • The best way to get started with investing in an Air BNB or vacation rental property

Resources Discussed in This Podcast

Retail Math Course – Essential for people looking to open a store, work in retail merchandising, become a fashion buyer, or master the private label industry – An organization that allows you to purchase a home using a very low interest rate and no down-payment. You still have to pay certain expenses for the house when you buy it though


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4 thoughts on “BE 0002: How to Become a Rockstar Fashion Buyer, an Expert in Retail Merchandising, and a Master of Private Labeling”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed the first 2 episodes of the podcast because you and your guests touched on relevant topics and issues. I was actually pleased to learn that you had went through NACA for your first home. I am looking to get into the real estate business and am also in the process of going through them. The process is long and stressful but it is well worth it, I agree. Additionally, I was pleased with learning about the different benefits of Life Insurance, some I already knew, most others, I had little to no knowledge of. The only question I have is when are you going to make another one, lol? I’ve been waiting for weeks anticipating the new discussion. Keep up the good work and Stay Blessed!

    1. Hi John,

      I’m glad that you enjoyed the podcasts. We definitely have more coming soon that are already recorded. Can you do me a favor by subscribing, rating, and reviewing the podcast? It would help me out a lot and helps to get the word out about the podcast.

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      1. Hi Brian,

        I did not realize that you had responded, thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I’ve gone ahead and subscribed and rated the podcast. I look forward to the upcoming guests and topics to be discussed. Stay Blessed!


  2. Excellent podcasts Brian. Thank you for your service to our community. Keep up the good work my Brother. May you (and yours) have a blessed holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

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