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The Best Black Hairstyles for African American Women

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Black hairstyles for African American Women are all the rage for their creativity and flair. Everything from box braids, to cornrows, short haircuts, and updos…Black women consistently demonstrate their ability to make hair fun, sexy, and unique. Even if you have short hair, we’ll give you some ideas to get creative and if you can also check out our full guide on short hairstyles.

In this guide to black women hairstyles, we’ll look at a few popular black hairstyles and give you examples of how others have rocked these styles.

First, we’ll cover short hairstyles, then long hairstyles and finish up the article with hairstyles for women 45 plus.

Black Hairstyles

Long Curly Hair

Long curls look amazing on black women with full, voluminous hair.

If you have longer thicker hair,  definitely try out the longer curly look.

This hairstyle can fun and feminine you can always straighten your hair when needed using heat or rollers.

You may also go with the extensions if you feel like.

The curls can be opted for in many more ways than one.

Bouncy and flawless curls can be one of the best options for your requirements.

If you do not have natural curls, you may need to go with the artificially create them.

However, if you are opting for it, you will need to allow a setting time.

A fabulous curl at their best ever styling options is what you should go with.

Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyle

Long Bob

The long bob hairstyle should be the one that would make you look sophisticated and exceptionally chic. It also offers an option to make your face look slimmer.

The brunette look can help accentuate your eyes further. You may also go with an asymmetrical look for your hair wherein you can make your hair vary in length. The asymmetrical long cut can be one of the best you can go with if you are looking to attract attention to your facial features. The asymmetrical face can be the best one to go with if you are round faced.

Bob hairstyles are one of the commonly opted for options for the best and simplified hair styling for your requirements. The bob variations have been referred to as the best seasonal all-rounder. No matter whether you are looking for which season – Spring, summer, autumn, winter – the style suits every season. What’s more – it also works with any hair length.

Opal Hairstyle

More than being a hair style option, the Opal Hair style is more about colouring your hair. The rainbow hair styling has been the new trend and the trend has been fast catching up with the stylists.

Of course, there isn’t any need to colour your hair in multiple hues simultaneously. But, a few new options apart from the few choices that were available in the past. The iridescent look will indeed create a great magic with your hair. Go for a better gloss treatment if you want to shine further ahead.

The Opal style is trending on the Instagram and similar other social profiles. And then, there is a creativity involved in naming the different colours. Colouring your hair has never been so easy and simple. The options are practically endless and highly customisable to meet all your needs and exact preferences. You can opt for either a heavier look or go with the lighter shade a per your whims and wishes.

Long Box Braids

Braids have been one of the common options you can utilise if you are looking to stylise your hair. In fact, they would be one of the exciting options if you are someone with longer hair.

Of several braids options, you have at your disposal, the Box Braids can be one of the most excellent ones. They provide you with a complete solution and act as the best protective option for your hair. The style does not need you to go through any maintenance. Moreover, no matter what your age is, you will never find it not suitable for you.

Box braids have been the in thing these days as part of the new age look for your styling. You can opt for several styles for your box braid styling options. If you have longer lengths of hair, the Box braids can be the best option you can go with. The diverse options available at your disposal should be what makes it an excellent option in its own right.

Faux Hawk

This is a hairstyle can be suitable for both men and women. You can either opt for the longer faux hawk or a shorter one depending upon your preferences.

Faux Hawk basically involves making the hair from the front to the back to stand erect. This almost resembles Mohawk, but you would not be shaving off your sides. Just pin your curls over the temple and that does it. It does offer you super sexy look and does not overwhelm your face.

This is yet another hairstyle option that was originally introduced for the men but later went on to become a unisex hair style option. The bold, daring and exciting options you can try out would indeed be the right option towards achieving the interesting hairdos. You can give a try to ponies, buns, braids, twists and curls. You can get as creative as you would want to with a variety of styles.

Rainbow Weave

We have already discussed the rainbow styled hairstyling when gathering knowledge on the hairstyles with short hair. If you have long hair, you can weave your hair and then go with the rainbow styling.

Weaving is another form of creating braids in your hair. Slightly different from braids which are closely knit together, weaves can be highly customised. In addition to giving an excellent look to your hair style, it also doubles up as a protective hair style. You may also go with the colours of your choice.

Weave styles have been one of the most prominent options and offer you a higher degree of customisation. The rainbow weave option has been one of the latest developments and ideally offers you a great look and a fun loving look to your personality.

Weave with Ombre

One of the best trends in hair styles, Weave with Ombre can be your best hairstyle extension. You can keep changing your hair colour if you get tired of it. Isn’t that a wonderful experience?

You would need an expert advice and intervention for an efficient hairstyling. Angled brush can be the best option if you are looking to opt for the experience. It can also be used to work with multiple lengths of your hair.

This is yet another style that depends upon the weave styles. Check out the greater options that the styling offers you.

Poodle Puffs

Straightening your hair is one of the best hair management techniques. The straight poodle cut can be the best elegant styled hairstyle option for you.

Straighten your hair and leave it up to your chest level. You can also cut off the hair that comes beyond your forehead. This will ensure that the hair does not fall on your face. The graceful look offered by the hair cut should be one of the best for your needs.

The Poodle haircuts are indeed considered to be the true masterpieces.

Shorter Braids

Image Courtesy –

Braids are best for the short hair, or that was what you were given to believe till now. Not anymore. It can even work with longer hair as well.

Yes, braids can be made to reach up to a shorter length up to your chest level or so. In fact, braids have always been the trendy option for black women. It offers you multiple options to work with. It can work in a wonderful way for attending meetings and fashion events.

The longer and luscious braids can be one of the best options you can go with. There are a few designs and structures that can help you stand out from a crowd. Halo braids, braided pony tails and Bohemian braids are a few of the styles that you can customise for your exact requirements and styling preferences. Braids are indeed the best you can go with for any season of any face value.

Short Blonde

Image Courtesy –

One of the most famous celebrity styles, you can indeed go with the praises from people all around you. If you are looking for new ways of creating style statements, this can be your best bet.

Your hair will be at the chin length. You may twist them at the middle and make your hair look still more beautiful and appealing in every way. The Blonde hair is one of the styles that will never go out of sync. It is something you will never get bored with. There are several options for trying different hairstyles in the blonde styling.  Choose a style that actually meets your exact requirements.  The colours and looks should be such that they exactly match your face shapes and the complexion.

#11 Curly sided Look

Image Credit ––braid-hairstyles-long-hairstyles.jpg

That is indeed an amazing style for your needs. Would you want to look like a diva? Then, go for the look right away.

Side the curly looks to one side and you should be good to go. In fact, you may even opt for highlighting the hair with a colour of your choice. Of course –  the look can be a little messy, but still, it will feel elegant enough.

The curly looks are quite popular and that is exactly what offers you a satisfying degree of functionality and look to your appearance. The curls can be customised to meet your exact requirements. Choose between the multiple styles available at your disposal and go with the one that meets your needs.

#12 Twin Buns

Image Courtesy ––long-curled-hair-long-natural-hair.jpg

Remember your childhood days? Then you should be reminded of the twin buns that you were roaming with. Why not try it once again?

The style is quite impressive enough. It will surely go a long way in improving your appearance. Curl up your hair and create two buns with them. Ensure that the buns are held high enough. The hairstyle does look quite raw, but make you appear confident and fierce enough. The fun loving appearance can be accentuated with a casual wear.

Two buns are better than one – so goes a saying. In fact, this hairstyle introduces a look of innocence and a playful mood to your looks and appearances. What makes it one of the best options is the fact that they are best suited for almost all occasions. Whether you are looking for a hairstyle for the casual day with your friends or for workouts or regular day to day functioning, the hairstyle should match everyone and anyone.

#13 Trim Bun

Image Credit –

Looking to experiment with your hair? The trimmed bun is just one of the options you can go with. The hair style is gorgeous enough to attract attention.

You are expected to collect the whole bunch of hair and make a bun at the top. Form a bun as heavy as possible. Level it from every surrounding area and ensure that it is clean enough. You may also use accessories to make the bun look more attractive. A floral band can be the best option.

#14 Balded Color

Image Credit ––short-natural-hair-long-hair.jpg

We have already discussed the all shaven look when talking about the short hair styles. What if you can customise it further with a coloured bald?

Go for an extremely thin layer of hair on your head and then colour it with any of your favourite colour tones. You might have found the look from many of the celebrities. Turquoise is one of the most commonly used tints. The look will indeed be quite exquisite.

Well, you will need huge courage to shave off all your hair and go bald. That should indeed be indicative of the superior high confidence. Of course, you have a host of bald hair style options you can try out. Choose the style that exactly meets your facial expressions and the face type you may be having.

#15 Lion Hair

If you have enough length of hair and want to experiment with it, you can go with the lion cut. It is one of the most popular curled hair styles for your fashion requirements.

Get the hair curled intrinsically enough and then make it fluffy to look a little wild. This should indeed be one of the most glamourous styles to work with. If you can pull it off really well enough, accessorise it with the skin fit top and jeans.

In case you have curly hair, the lion hair options can be the best you can go with. The hairstyle can be one of the best options if you are looking for an option that would meet your summer options in your hairstyle.

#16 The Pixie Style

Image credit – Pinterest (–new-short-haircuts-haircuts-for-women.jpg)

Well, we have discussed the Pixie Style already in the section for short hair styles. It can be one of the best hairstyles you may opt for if you are over the age of 50.

It is one of the best options for your requirements. You may use your favourite wax or other options for working with the hair style. What makes it one of the best options is it would suit almost all face types with ease. No matter whether you have a round face, oval face or even a long face – the hairstyle should match all your needs. What’s more, it suits all age groups.

The Pixie cut is one of the trendiest haircuts for short hair. The edgy and vintage appeal offered by the hairstyle should not be something you would not need to take extreme care of. And yes, please don’t be under an impression that all pixie cuts are smaller alone; there are a few cuts that are larger enough. Opting for the best haircut can be versatile and simplest at its best with Pixie style.

#17 Slant Bob

Image credit – Pinterest (

Slant Bob or Angled Bob is one of the styles best suited for the women in the higher rung of their ageing. It should be quite easy to carry and works with women of all ages.

You may add pins and other extensions for one side of the bob to accentuate the effects. If you have heart shaped or longer face, this can be one of the best options to give you a naturalised look. The hair style can also work with those with round faces. Use Velcro rollers and a good hair spray for the best results.

The slant bob or angled bob is one of the best hairstyles you can opt for. The short hair does come with several advantages – it is manageable, trendy and versatile. And those are just a few traits that we can attribute to the Slant Bob. Go with straight, wavy, and style updos – just check out all your options and go with it.

#18 The Pin Up Girl Look

Image Credit – Pinterest (–wedding-hairstyles-long-hair-vintage-wedding-hairstyles.jpg)

This can indeed be the best one if you want to be a show stopper for any of the events out there. The look may appear vintage, but the fact remains that it is indeed an all time classic.

You may either go for a flat iron styling or if you have enough time on your hands, go for the slight curls. That should be something reminiscent of the 1950s look. It can be quite suitable for the multiple face types including heart, oval, triangle, long and oval face styles.

The retro hairstyle option should be the best one if you are looking for a hairstyle that stays beyond boundaries and time frames. The Pin up girl hairstyle is the best to showcase the feminine charm and mystique that you would indeed like to focus on. Some of the characteristics of the styling include baby bangs, waves and perfect locks that would provide you with a look that you may have noticed on the magazine cover.

#19 Layered Bob Style

Image Credit – Pinterest (

The layered bob cut has been quite popular since ages and should suit every age group, but what would make it an excellent option is you can customise it to meet your needs.

How about adding a few colours to your hair styling? The classic layered bob coupled with colours for layering is one of the best you can go with. In fact, opting for slightly varying hues of the same colour for separate layers can be a great option to enhance the effect.

The layered bob styles are one of the best when it comes to compatibility with almost every occasion that would be suitable to work with it. Of course, the bob variant of hair styling is what you would indeed love and offers you a host of options. There are several varieties and lengths you can give a try to. You will definitely find a bob style that improves your face value and the one that meets your hair type.

#20 Afro Asian Curls Style

Image Credit – Pinterest (–curly-hair-cuts-hairstyles-curly-hair.jpg)

Do you want to come across as someone playful and fun loving? The Afro Spiral should be your best bet and should meet your characteristics.

Go with a good foamed wrap lotion for better effect. You will never complain about bad hair ever with this hairstyle. It should be quite ideal for you if you have round, long or even oval face. However, take care to use a moderate quantity of foam.

The curly hairstyles are one of its kind and the Afro Asian styles have always been the best you can opt for. The curly hair offers you a huge volume and that is exactly what you will definitely fall in love with. Of course, you may be able to convert your straight hair into curls by following a few modern styling techniques.

#21 Cheek Length Bob Cut

Image credit – Pinterest (

One of the simplest, and possibly the most popular hair styles among the bob cut genre, it should be quite a game for you to pull on any day and any occasion. You can even work with it with a thermal protection treatment as well.

One of the best options that makes it a great alternative to other hair styles for aged women above 40 or 50 is the fact that it goes well with any age group and any face type. We bet that once you opt for it, you will continue with the hairstyle for years to come.

This is yet another style that explains the importance and excellent functionality of Bob styles. This is yet another version of the Bob hairstyle and you will definitely like it. Short hair has always been the rage and you will definitely have fun with those exciting looks. Go for it today and opt for the best results in terms of best variations of the Bob cut.

#22 Multiple Curls Side Sweep

Image Credit – Pinterest (–prom-updos-for-black-women-natural-updo-hairstyles-for-black-women.jpg)

This is one of the most versatile styles you can work with. It offers you multiple options to slightly modify the look further.

The Flatiron, curling iron and hot rollers are a few options you can work with. Opting for wrapping foam should be an ideal option for a great look. And yes, the hairstyle should work with almost all the face types as such. What’s more – you can create the look even without those tools we mentioned.

#24 Short Straight Hair

Image Credit – Pinterest (–funky-hairstyles-woman-hairstyles.jpg)

If you are someone who is over 45 or 50 years of age, the short hair style should be your best option. You can go for the black hairdo if you indeed want to opt for a hairstyle that indeed meets your needs.

The short hair can be quite a simple option and can indeed be an effective style for corporate women. Looking to appear great even with age? Go with the straight hair short hairstyle and you will never get tired of it.

Straight hairstyles can have multiple variations. Go for a variety of styles with your straight hair. A few choices you can check out include asymmetrical bob, long blonde bob and long pixie cut. Just the way curls offer you unbelievable options, you may also go with the straight hair styles for an exciting look.

#25 Whitney Curls

Image Credit – Pinterest (–short-curly-hairstyles-short-hair-cuts.jpg)

The hairstyle should be ideally the best for any age. What makes it one of the best options is it does not require any kind of extreme preparation.

You can indeed create huge styling with that hairstyle. You can work with it no matter whether you have a round or long face. Opt for the slim hairdo sticks. You can use it to create an outstanding look and go with a few outstanding variations.

#26 Short Hair Style with Mini Bangs

Image Credit – Pinterest (

Now that we are talking about hair styles for black women, a major category of people that may make use of it include Afro American women. And the black hair is what would make it more sought after option.

If you are not blessed with black hair anymore, you may go with a preferred hair colouring option for getting black hair. Make use of the option to bring back those youthful days. The hair style can be considered to be a variation of the Pixie haircut.

No matter what kind of shorter hairstyle you have opted for, the bangs will indeed add more value to your styling. In fact, they would indeed be making a statement of their own.

#27 Mini Curls

Image Credit – Pinterest (

If you do not have enough hair, or have lost your hair for any reason – you need not get depressed. If you are fond of ethnic styles, you will definitely like the mini curls look.

The short hair is reminiscent of the tribal tradition and can indeed be one of the amazing looks under any condition. In fact, you can simply forget worrying about your hairstyling and go with the colouring option for your short curls as well.

#28 Symmetrical Waves

Image Credit – Pinterest (–blonde-hair-blonde-beauty.jpg)

Curly hair is the best you can go with no matter which age you are in. They can offer you a stylish option of hair styling for any of the occasion so that you can carry along easily.

The curly hairstyle has been treated to be the top class one and it will help you retain the charm of femininity all along in spite of ageing. And yes, like most of the other hair styles – you will be able to add any colour or hue of your choice.

#29 Bob Cut with Twisted Bangs

Image Credit – Pinterest (–deidre-hall-pictures.jpg)

If you like the aristocratic looks, then this can be your best option. In fact, it can be the right design that combines the simplicity with elegance.

The hairstyle is one of the most chosen ones when it comes to short hair styling options you can go with. In fact, the style will help you accentuate the features of your face in a brighter way. If you want yourself to look cute even at a matured age, this can be the best you can go with.

Like we stated in a previous section in this compilation of the best options for the hairstyles for black women, the bob cut with bangs is an excellent hair styling you can opt for. You can choose between multiple options but the twisted option should be one of the best among a wide range of choices you have at your disposal.

#30 Up-Brushed Hair Styles

Image Credit – Pinterest (–black-women-hairstyles-straight-hairstyles.jpg)

If you want to look younger, the best you can do is to opt for the hairstyles that involve up brushed technique. In fact, it will help your age appear lesser than you actually are.

It can provide you with a Mohawk like hairdo, and bring up a surprise element as long as your looks are concerned. It will indeed bring up a chic element to your personality despite your age. You may try a few variations of the hairstyle to suit the occasion and your preferences.

The Concluding Thoughts

Opting for the best look for your hairstyle is indeed a huge task in itself. We would assume that the designs listed here would live up to your expectations. You can even choose to take these designs to your personal hair stylist and discuss the options with them. You can fine tune the styles listed here to make it more customised to meet your requirements and personal styling. If you are well versed in styling the hair, you may even consider customising it to meet your personal style.

Which styles among the ones we have listed here appealed to you? Do share your thoughts, experiences and opinions with us. That would, in fact, go a long way in promoting the best hairstyles that would suit black women, especially those coming from the Afro American region.

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