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The teenage life is one of the major turn points in anyone’s life.

One of the important aspects you would want to place importance to – as a teen is to try a host of unique hairstyles.

Every teenager, especially girls would love to opt for unique hairstyles and experiment with them.

If you are a black girl and looking for hairstyles for black girls to create an impressive and attractive look for yourself, here is the complete list of hairstyles that meet your needs.

One of the huge mistakes that parents tend to commit is to limit the hairstyles for their young girls.

Any young girl would love to opt for unique and attractive hairstyles for her head.

Go for something impressive when it comes to the hairstyling without limiting yourself to the braids, ponytails and a short haircut.

There are several hairstyles for black girls which can help them bring home their individuality and make them look beautiful.

Let us explore a few styles and find how they work with their personality.

#1 Twisted Mohawk

Mohawk was a style that was initially designed for men. But, like most other hairstyles that have gone beyond the boundaries of men and women, Mohawk too has moved out of these boundaries to become a common styling.

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If you want your girl child to be modern in her looks, Mohawk – or Twisted Mohawk to be precise, should be the ideal style to offer your kid a style much different from the rest of her friends. Moreover, the short hairstyle will also help them indulge in any activity without having to cope up with the long locks.

You can even add your personal touches to the Twisted Mohawk style and make it more personal. A ponytail along with Mohawk can be one of the best options you can go with.

#2 Cornrows and Ponytail

Ponytails have always been one of the most popular hairstyles since long. But, how about customising it with cornrows and ponytail combination?

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There are several designs you can think of for your child’s head. Let the ponytail shine on her head and go with accessories for the ponytail. If your child is quite active with a lot of outdoor activities, this can be the best option you can go with. Let her go with the look for a prolonged time without any issues as such as long as maintaining the look.

The ponytail is probably a hairstyle that can ideally go with almost all other hairstyles and thus would be an ideal companion for all age groups.

#3 Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids are one of the few styles that are admired by both women and girls alike. What makes this style unique is it enhances your height and provides a refreshing look to you.

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If your child has longer and thicker hair, this can be one of the excellent hairstyles. Braiding your hair should be quite easy and you should be able to handle it on your own without the need for any stylist. If the braids are quite loose enough so that she will not be uncomfortable with it.

Dutch braids have been quite popular on social media. If you are a regular Instagram user, you will definitely understand the fame that the style enjoys. In case your child’s hair is short and you are looking to enhance the length, you may add up the extension with a pin.

#4 Bob Marley Twist

This is one of the best hairstyles you can opt for if your child has thick and voluminous hair. They can make your girl look extremely beautiful.

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What makes this hairstyle even more attractive is the fact that the messy hairstyle is what would make quite beautiful in its own right. The excellent hairstyle can indeed make heads turn. Make your kid set trends with her uniqueness with the messy, yet attractive hairstyle.

Marley Braids have been quite common types of hairstyling among the Afro American women. Of course, applying the braids can take anywhere between five to seven hours, but you can maintain the hairstyle for around four weeks. The style can work with any kind of hair.


#5 Curly Hairstyle

Curly hair can indeed be one of the cutest hairstyles for black girls. In fact, if your child has free flowing hair, opting for the loose hair should be your best option.

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If she has natural curls, it would be an excellent option in its own right. You would not need any other efforts to make it appear cute and beautiful. The natural curls will provide an elegant style to your looks. However, if she does not – you can help her create artificial curls. Opting for colours that can accentuate your beauty can be yet another best option.

You may also opt for the blonde look if that would suit your kid’s personality and face type. A stylist should be able to help you make the right decision. In fact, apart from Blonde – you may also try other colour options.

#6 Ghana Braids

If you are looking for thicker braids, the best you can go with the Ghana Braids. You may also opt for beads that can help you accentuate the looks further.

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The thicker Ghana braids can indeed suit almost all age groups and types of faces. Your young child should not be an exception either. The Ghana Cornrows can provide a look that will indeed be a game changer in its own right. Anyone who wears this style will indeed exude confidence.

#7 French Braids Hairstyle

Braids come in various styles and shapes. It assumes more importance with French Braids, which are all the more attractive and versatile in nature. The extreme variation offered by French braids should ideally be what makes it the best one for black girls.

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In fact, if you are a fan of the French braid, you can opt for either plain braids or go with the French braid bun depending upon what suits your personality. Let the braids be larger enough to make them appear all the more attractive.

Ghana Braids resemble cornrows in every respect and offer you multiple options to try out. You can opt for a style that is unique for you and help you stand out from the crowd.

#8 Classic Bob Hairstyle

Bob hairstyle has been one of the most popular hairstyles since ages. It should be the best and ideal option for black girls by any standard.


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Made popular in the 1920s, the Bob hairstyle has been one of the most customisable hairstyles you can go with. You may either go for the long bobs or shorter ones. You may also add a few hues of colours to arrive at the versatility that you were looking for.

Bob hairstyle has been one of the most popular options you can go with and has been making the fashion statements since the 1900s. Customised with several variations, the hairstyle is ideally the best you can opt for.

#9 Beaded Cornrow

Cornrows have been yet another popular hairstyle that you can customise to your exact needs. Even if you are someone who is not blessed with much quantity of hair, you should be able to carry the hairstyles with a design and style that suits you.

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Adding beads to the already beautiful style will make it one of the best options you can go with for your child. The beads will add up additional look and personality to your looks. And yes, opt for the coloured beads depending upon what suits you.

Cornrows can be accompanied by other braid styles and made into one of the excellent options for a style that would be uniquely you. Being one of the popular protective hairstyles, you would indeed create a fashion statement with them on.

#10 Spiral Braids

Spiral braids have been one of the recent trends in the hairstyling and have found a host of admirers in a shorter span of time. Black girls too are not an exception.

The hairstyle can be quite captivating enough. Add up beads to the ends of the braids, and you are good to go. In fact, choosing the coloured beads that meet your exact personality can be an added advantage. Experts consider it to be the best expression for the youth of African region.

Spiral braid is one of the latest trends in the braiding techniques. The stylists have been adding more value with the customised versions for the spiral braids with the inclusion of the styles like three strand braids.

#11 Twisted Bun

If your kid has long hair, the buns are one of the best options you can opt for your child’s hairstyle. It can be one of the best options for either a wedding or an event of sorts.

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It can be one of the best hairdos when you have less time on your hands. We would consider the styling quite simple even when it appears to be quite complicated in nature. In fact, the hairstyle can be done within ten minutes flat.

You may also opt for a twice twisted bun for an elegant look. You may also need to opt for the twice twisted variant if you have longer hair.

#12 Braided Ballerina Bun

The hairstyle can be considered to be one of the fusion hairstyles. It combines the cornrows and box braids together in an ideal setup.

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It makes use of cornrows in the back and box braids for the front. However, you may also use any other combinations as you may want to. The cornrows and box braids can stay intact for days together, while you need to take care of the bun.

#13 Fishbone Cornrows

Yet another style that combines two different options together, the style would provide a unique texture to your hair. It makes use of cornrow braids, but these are woven in a classic fishbone style.

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The hairstyle will add an extra touch of texture. The front side is braided and the bunch of hair at the top can be styled together or you may also opt for separate sections. The fishbone cornrows will not need any kind of maintenance, while you need to take care of the tuft in the middle.

The braided Ballerina bun will not consume much of your time and can be best suited for those who have to rush back to your life’s urgent activities.

#14 Puff Hawk

Of course, the styles featured above can be the best for the day to day hairstyle options for your needs. This can be the best style for making your child think that she has grown up.

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The puff hawk styling is one of the best you can opt for if you have any special occasion coming up. The styling does need a little maintenance. You will need to take the buns out and let them loose at night. Your cute little girl will definitely like the hairstyle.

#15 Fishtail Ponytail Look

This is a look that would give her a look of a diva by all chances. A perfect combination of cornrow and ponytail, it can be quite an adorable look you can rely upon.

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The hairstyle is quite chic and unique in its own right. What makes it a great choice is the fact that it is quite easy to work with. The hair is made into a ponytail with the help of cornrows and then the loose hair is braided into a fishtail braid. You can consider using hairspray to hold the braids together.


#16 Curls with Part in the Middle

Curly hairstyle has always been the favourite option among the black women. The style should not be an issue for the young girls either.

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Part the hair in a symmetrical manner at the middle. Let the hair flow loosely on either side of the part. This will help your child’s face get framed in a perfect manner. You can also add a little extra hair bow so that the hair would look extra fluffy.

#17 Braided Space Buns

Two buns on the head have always been enchanting. The spaced double buns can be quite adorable and bring back your childhood memories.

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The style looks quite attractive and quite attention seeking in all respects. In addition, they are simple to work with and easier to do. If your kid’s hair is long enough, this can be the best option you can go with. Create two ponytails and braid them to form a bun. Provide enough space between the buns.

In fact, the part in the middle has been one of the traditional looks in many of the world’s ethnicities. For the rest part, you can go with a variety of braiding options.

#18 Twisted Pigtails

Maybe we are yet to find a little girl who has not yet sported a pigtail appearance. The Pigtail style has been one of the prominent options we have been involved with since long.

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The twisted pigtails can be the cutest designs for any occasion and practically any girl. The hairstyle is quite protective enough and provides a fun loving look to your hairstyle. Go for a satin or silk bonnet for helping maintain it as longer as you would want to.

The twisted pigtail braids are indeed one of the cutest hairstyles we have seen on any little girl out there. They can suit any of your requirements including a shopping trip or a late night event.

#19 Twisted Bangs with Puff

This can be one of the best and super easy hair styles you can opt for. The style would be quite comfortable for your kid as well.

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There are a few variations you can work with. Just braid the hair at the front using twisted braids. Leave the puff at the centre. The bangs can be twisted to bring that unique look further. The hairstyle can be best suited for the girls who tend to involve themselves in a huge amount of play or running.

#20 Choppy Mohawk

If you like some styles that are just out of the box and unique in themselves, the Mohawk style with a choppy appearance should be the best you can go with. This can be the best option for those girls who are always on the edge.

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Yes, a subtle difference with the classic Mohawk style, this can be the best option for that kind of girls who are always busy and running through a host of schedules. Of course, it may not be a good idea for the parents, but still, if your child has not the time to sit around and get her hair taken care of, go for the best low maintenance option in the form of choppy Mohawk.

Mohawk will need you to shave off the sides. However, if you are not willing to part with your treasured possession, it may be ideal to go with any braids to pull the hair from the sides to the centre.

#21 Mini Mouse Double Bun

This is one of the best protective hairstyles you can go with. What makes this style quite popular is the fact that it can suit any age group and face type.

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In fact, by opting for this trendy look for your child, you would probably go back in time to your child hood. Of course, you can bring in a few customisations in tune with the time. If you are fun loving and are looking for something trendy enough, the mini mouse style can be your best option.

#22 Ponytail with Twist

The ponytail style has been one of the best hair styles you can opt for your child. The twisted look would offer you a look much different from your group and stay unique in every respect.

Image Credit ––childrens-hairstyles-hairstyles-for-school.jpg

The style would suit the extrovert girls who always want to be at the centre stage of action. A style quite different from the traditional ponytail option would make you enjoy the best of both worlds – the hairstyle will exude both confidence and innocence at the same time.

In fact, ponytail hairstyle option opens up a host of varieties that you can try out. The twisted ponytail can be one of them, though you may add your own personal touch as well.

The Concluding Thoughts

Choosing a hairstyle for little girls is indeed a huge concern. You would indeed want your kids to look unique and attractive and stand apart from the rest of the kids in the group. You have several options to choose from and opting for the one that would really make it one of the best would be a daunting task.

Accessorising the hairstyles can help you add more customisation to the hairstyle. Go for simple accessories when decorating your kids’ hairstyling. Some common accessories you may use include beads, bows and of course, flowers. Opting for artificial flowers can make them retain the same look throughout the day as compared to the natural flowers.

We assume the list of best hairstyles for your little girl we have featured in this compilation will indeed be quite helpful in making the task of managing their hairstyles quite less time to consume and simpler. The hairstyles listed herein are children friendly and best to maintain throughout that day even after extreme activities.

Do let us know which of these styles you have used and what are your experiences with them? Share your thoughts with us so that the moms out there will benefit from your experiences.