Dr. Sebi Electric Food List: Maintaining the Organic Way of Living

Dr. Sebi once said, “One must consume life to maintain and sustain itself—not Death.” Hence, it seems reasonable to assume that Dr. Sebi is trying to emphasize the importance of what you eat. Unfortunately, not all people are aware of the benefits of eating organic foods. Do not wait for the time to get yourself in a severe illness. You should start changing your lifestyle, especially the food that you’re going to eat.

Who is Dr. Sebi?

First of, let’s introduce Dr. Sebi, his real name Alfredo Bowman from the quiet village of Honduras. He is the man who, despite his lack of education, has healed himself from asthma and potential blindness with the assistance of a Mexican herbalist. Ever since then, he started spreading his practice through the help of his sources of organic fruits and vegetables. Dr. Sebi also uses medical marijuana in treating various diseases.

What Makes Dr Sebi Different?

Compared to traditional medicine, Dr. Sebi sees the nutrition in food far from other healers. He also stated that the food we are eating right now are all artificial and had not yet been discussed thoroughly before we incorporated it in our nutrition program. According to a study, an average American diet most likely contains saturated fats, carbohydrates, excess sugar, and toxins. These contributing factors lead to death-causing diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and hypertension.

How Does Dr Sebi’s Electric Food List Work?

Dr. Sebi created an electric food list in which all natural and organic food is included. Getting rid of the mucus in the body is important. For instance, if you are suffering from poor eyesight you must have excess mucus in your eyes. If you are suffering from fibroid cysts, the excess mucus in your reproductive system is to blame. Hence, it seems reasonable to conclude that mucus is one of the respondents in causing diseases that deteriorates when neglected.

Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Food Guide

Now let’s proceed to his approved food guide. If you want to try organic foods, you can start with his food list. First, in vegetables, you must include cucumber, green banana, avocado, lettuce, okra, tomato, watercress, olives, sea vegetables, and dandelion greens. For the fruits, you might want to try bananas, grapes, papayas, cantaloupe, watermelons, pear, and prunes. Dr. Sebi also included some grains such as fonio, wild rice, rye, and teff. If you are into tea, then you should try raspberry, allspice, fennel, chamomile, and tail. Spices and seasonings can also improve the taste of your food through the help of cloves, tarragon, sweet basil, basil, oregano, and parsley.

It’s never too late nor too early to start a new lifestyle with organic foods. Use the food above guide in starting out. It will feel weird and uncomfortable, not being able to eat unhealthy foods that you used to love but if you care more about your body, switch to organic foods. There is nothing better than knowing that your body and system is capable of fighting off potential diseases that might enter the body.

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