Dr. Sebi Diet– Everything You Need to Know About Him, the Nutritional Guide, and His Healing Alkaline Diet

By Brian Lee

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About Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi
Dr Sebi

The inspiration behind the Dr. Sebi diet comes from native Honduran, Dr. Sebi (real name Alfredo Darrington Bowman), who acknowledges himself as an herbalist, natural healer, and intracellular therapist.

His methodology is rather interesting and involves focusing of natural, alkaline, plant-based foods and herbs while staying away from acidic, hybrid foods. By following this approach, you can prevent mucus build up, which can lead to the development of diseases.

Dr. Sebi is the founder of the USHA Healing Village based in Honduras, which not only provides healing, but also teaches people how to live an alkaline lifestyle.

Many users have claimed that this diet has improved their health significantly and Dr Sebi’s thoughts about nutritional and herbal therapy are found all throughout Youtube, helping to teach and promote healthy living even after his death.

Dr Sebi Discusses Winning Supreme Court Case With Evidence That He Cured AIDs

Bowman is an inspiration to many because he discovered a way to heal life-threatening diseases that have been considered incurable. He was an herbalist for 40 plus years and claims to heal people from AIDS, asthma, cancer, diabetes, eczema, epilepsy, fibroids, heart disease, high blood pressure, inflammation, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and sickle cell among other things.

Dr Sebi Testimony from Diabetic Patient

Man tells his story about how he was healed from Diabetes

Dr Sebi Diet Overview

The Dr Sebi Diet is simply a vegan, plant-based diet that restricts man-made food and hybrids.

The diet is all about minimizing acidity in your foods and mucus in your body.

Dr Sebi (also known as Alfredo Bowman) believes that when you do these two things, you create an alkaline environment in your body that makes it tough for disease to live in.

how to get started with alkaline electric living

The mucus reducing alkaline diet involves eating from a proprietary nutritional guide and food list that is based on 40+ years of research identifying non-hybrid, alkaline foods.

Naturally, most people lose weight when eating according to this plant-based, alkaline diet because they are eliminating waste, meat, dairy, and processed foods from their diet.

Often times people combine fasting and herbs with the diet too to help with cleansing, healing, and/or overall well-being. In these cases, they usually consult with a doctor or health care professional.

Nutritional Guide Food List
Nutritional Guide

Sticking to the diet long term is not that hard if you can get past the first few days.

The initial days can be challenging though as your body will still crave sugar.

It doesn’t help that there are fast food options everywhere and that most restaurants do not have menu items that fit this lifestyle.

As a result, you will have to get used to preparing a lot of meals at home.

To help with this, we created a recipe book which includes a product/gameplan that gives you all of the information you need to eat right, plan out your meals, and have fun, flavorful recipes that adhere to the diet.

What Does The Diet Consist of?

The Dr Sebi diet is a vegan, plant-based diet and a niche version of an alkaline diet (Source: National Institute of Health). While following the diet, many also take herbs to help cleanse and heal their body of decades of horrible eating.

Baba Sebi considers alkaline foods to be “electric foods” which are live and raw foods that are for the “healing of the nation.” In general, Dr Sebi breaks down food into six categories:

  1. Live
  2. Raw
  3. Dead
  4. Hybrid
  5. Genetically modified
  6. Drugs

You should focus on number 1 and 2 (live and raw), while staying away from 3 – 6. This includes avoiding seedless fruits, weather resistant crops such as corn, and anything with added vitamins or minerals which can be difficult considering what there are so many hybrid and genetically modified (GMO) fruits and vegetables offered in grocery stores.

Foods that are recommended include ripe fruit, non starchy vegetables, raw nuts and butter and grains. Leafy greens, quinoa, rye, and Kamut can also play a large role in this diet.

Acidic foods such as meat, poultry, seafood, or products containing yeast, alcohol, sugar, iodized salt, or anything that is fried bring negative effects to the human body.

Replacing acidic foods with electric foods will help to heal your body from the negative effects that acidic foods bring.

When you follow, largely raw diet seems unappetizing, your body slowly gets used to it as it cleanses your cells of toxins, leading to the cure of disease.

The Vegan Food for the Soul Cookbook simplifies vegan alkaline living for you! This recipe book includes flavorful recipes, timelines, and tips to eat healthy.

Vegan Food for the Soul Cookbook
Vegan Food for the Soul

Benefits of the Diet

Minimizing acid in foods helps to decrease mucus in the body, which creates an alkaline environment within your body that makes it very difficult for disease to form.

Weight Loss

This part is self-explanatory. Weight loss is bound to happen when following the diet because this diet consists of natural vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and legumes.

It eliminates waste, dairy, meat, and processed food, so naturally, your body will lose weight. This diet serves as a cleanse and reaps many benefits. Your body will thank you!

Strong Immune System

A weak immune system is the result of illnesses and diseases. Some claim that they have strengthened their immune system and have been healed of certain ailments by following this diet consistently.

Reduced Risk of Disease

Acidic foods erode the mucous membrane of the cells and inner walls of the body which leads to a compromised system that makes disease possible. As a result, eating alkaline foods can reduce the risk of disease and help your body in getting what it needs to feed the good cells.

Lower Risk of Stroke and Hypertension

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), first line therapies for all stages of hypertension include exercise and weight loss. However, results from one small cross-sectional study suggest that a plant-based diet is the more important intervention.

Everyday Health has also discussed the benefits of a plant based diet, stating that a plant-based diet can decrease plaque in the blood vessels and lower risk of diabetes and stroke

As we discussed, the alkaline electric diet is a niche version of a plant-based vegan diet.


Diets heavy in meat, dairy and white sugar can be a drag on your body and energy levels. Focusing on plant-based living is a better approach and can enhance the energy that you exhibit on a regular basis.

Increased Focus

Following Dr Sebi’s teachings will help to clear brain fog, keep you focused and less bothered by stressful situations that arise.

Even if you are not sick, using a plant-based methodology will help you live a long and healthy life.

Vegan Food for the Soul Cookbook

Vegan Food for the Soul Cookbook

Vegan Recipes You’ll Love

Vegan Food for the Soul simplifies vegan alkaline living for you! This recipe book includes flavorful recipes, timelines, and tips to eat healthy.

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With the 10 Day Plan, you do not have to put too much thought into what you have to eat because everything is mapped out for you…

The less thought you have to put into eating, the easier it will be to stick to the diet.

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Tips for Sticking to the Diet

Like any other diet you try, this one will take time and effort! While it may be difficult at first, your body will slowly get used to this new way of eating. You will begin to feel more energized as you eliminate all the bad foods you may have consumed in the past. Down below are a few suggestions and guidelines to follow to make this the most enjoyable experience possible. 

Drink Plenty of Water

According to Bowman, people should be drinking at least a gallon of water per day. This is essential to making this alkaline diet work to the best of its ability. Alfredo recommends natural spring water as opposed to water softeners or water from a reverse osmosis system. Other health organizations and nutritional experts suggest a gallon of water per day too. Keep in mind that water removes waste from the body while assisting in the absorption of nutrients and cushioning joints and organs.

Be Emotionally and Mentally Prepared

It is extremely likely that you have formed some strong habits eating certain types of foods daily that may make it very hard to break or change your diet.Your family and friends may also become a hindrance when trying to carry out this diet. Before beginning this plan, spend some time thinking about why you want to change your eating and the obstacles, both mental and emotional, that you will face.

Don’t Give up Snacks

Yes, you heard right! While you do not have to give up snacks, you do have to snack the right way.This means instead of reaching for a bag of potato chips, eat a piece of fruit or create snacks based on the recommended food list.

Review the Approved Foods

Do your best not to stray from the list of approved foods as it can hinder your results.While it may seem too difficult at first to eat from the selected list, you’ll soon find it’s easier than thought especially if you are prepared mentally.

Add Whole Foods to Your Diet

Do your best to substitute packaged foods with whole foods in your diet on a regular basis. You want to avoid packaged foods because they are full of additives, which can be very addictive especially since many have refined sugar that causes food cravings.

Cooking is Essential

You will quickly find that it’s necessary to cook when trying this diet. The guides guides offer alkaline food recipes to make this process easier. His guides walk you step by step through each alkaline meal. After you begin preparing your own meals, you’ll see how you can take your favorite dishes and prepare them using approved ingredients.

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Why Follow the Dr Sebi Diet?

There are a ton of diets available, but most of them are focused on losing weight and also incorporate foods that may be acidic.

Alkaline living is not a diet…it is a way of life.

Think of it as growth, coming out of darkness and into the light to ensure long term health and wellness.

According to Sebi, his diet will minimize illness caused by mucus build up in the body and you can use his non-hybrid alkaline based meals to maintain a healthier body.

His products can help with cleaning body toxins from your system.

As mentioned before, the adjustment period may take some time but just try to power through the first few days and you will be fine.

Try to eat as many raw foods as you can, but if you are struggling, Alfredo Bowman suggests that cooked foods are not the end of the world.

Also, try not to microwave your food if possible.

It is recommended to consult your doctor before starting the plan.

Nutritional Guide and Food List

You may be wondering what foods you can eat. While it seems like your options are limited, they are not and the diet is simple and achievable.

Most of the non-hybrid foods on the nutritional guide are listed below.


Amaranth Greens, Wild Arugula, Asparagus, Bell Peppers, Mexican Squash or Chayote, Garbanzo Beans (chickpeas), Kale, Lettuce (except for Iceberg), Mushrooms, Mexican Cactus or Nopales, Okra, Onions, Squash, Tomato (cherry and plum), Zucchini


Apples,Bananas, Orange, Berries, Cantaloupe, Cherries, Figs, Grapes -seeded, Limes, Mango, Melons -seeded, Papayas, Plums, Peaches, Pears, Prickly Pear (Cactus Fruit), Prunes, Raisins -seeded, Tamarind

Nuts and Seeds

Brazil Nuts, Hemp Seed, Raw Sesame Seeds, Walnuts


Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hempseed Oil, Avocado Oil

Spices and Seasonings

Basil, Cayenne, Cloves, Dill, Habanero, Onion Powder, Oregano, Pure Sea Salt, Sage, Thyme

What Not to Eat

Meat, dairy (eggs, milk, etc), garlic, white sugar, man-made food

Because this diet is strict, you may find the first few days to be extremely challenging.

Lucky for you we have a page with recipes and there are also tons of videos on Youtube.

Popular recipes include meatless meatballs, alkaline based noodle recipe, and fluffy gluten-free waffles.

Additional Resources

We have a number of free and premium guides that you can follow, including:

The Vegan Food for the Soul Cookbook is a customized game plan created by us to help you stick to the diet. It outlines recipes and provides suggested meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that you spend less time trying to figure out what you are going to eat and makes it easier for you to remain committed to alkaline living.

If you find yourself procrastinating on getting started then you should purchase the Vegan Food for the Soul to map out a strategy for you to get started.

Many also contact Bowman’s LA office which is still open even after his death.

The Black Health and Wealth site is not associated with any doctor or herbalist, but feel free to contact one if you have questions on your health.

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