Dr Sebi Diabetes

Dr Sebi’s Bio Mineral Balance provides the foundation to cleanse the body of all diseases including diabetes. There have been many reports of people receiving treatment from Dr Sebi and being healed. The Dr Sebi cure for type 2 diabetes is simple, eat from his nutritional guide, cleanse the body of bad cells, feed oxygen to the good cells and fast.

Dr Sebi’s Approach to Reversing Diabetes

USHA Village Diabetes Testimonial

Dr Sebi’s Herbs for Diabetes

These are a list of some herbs that are considered Dr. Sebi approved and may be used in reversing or treating diabetes.Bilberry / Blueberry LeavesBitter Melon / CeraseeDandelion RootFig LeavesGuacoGuinea Hen WeedGinger RootHuereque / WerekeHoly Basil HerbHoodia GordoniiMango LeavesMilk Thistle SeedsNopal cactusOkraProdigiosaRaspberry LeavesSage HerbSeville /Sour Orange

Dr. Sebi’s Herbal Formula for Diabetes

  • Endocrine Formula
  • Bromide Plus



Bromide Plus

Endocrine Product

Nutritional Guide

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