The first day on the Dr Sebi 10 Day Plan was great! I kicked off the day with juicing and herbs. I took the Greenfood Plus combination of Herbs that you can find at Dr Sebi’s LA store, but I actually created it myself using the Aimores Commercial Blender. I use it for both juicing and creating herbal combinations.

La Fitness

After breakfast I did some work and went to the gym for the first time in a long time. This is the first time that I am doing the Dr Sebi plan, taking herbs, and working out at the same time. Previously, I refrained from working out during cleanses because I was unsure how my body would respond.

Getting back on track with the Dr Sebi alkaline food list at this time was perfect because I spent much of December eating brownies, candy, cookies, and a bunch of junk food that was sent to me from vendors as gifts for the holiday season. I work in advertising so it normal for us to get a ton of sweets and alcohol during the holiday rush. I did not drink much alcohol, but I did eat meat and I ate a ton of sweets which has went straight to the love handles.

Lunch didn’t last enough for pictures…Sorry!!!

After the trip to the gym, I ate some left overs from the previous night. Vegan alkaline grits, chickpeas, and kale….sooooo good! I wish I had more because I couldn’t get enough. I will make some more throughout the Dr Sebi 10 Day Plan and the recipe will be included in the premium recipes.

After lunch, I got back to work online and had a very productive day.

For dinner, I made some Electric spaghetti which was very basic to make since the ingredients are bought in the store, ready to cook. I took some more herbs and at this point, I was feeling amazing. Maybe its the herbs or maybe the food, but I felt a burst of energy. This was much needed because I had been sick for most of the week.

I tapped out around 10:30 and got some much needed rest. I hadn’t been sleeping well lately because of a lot of different things I have been dealing with lately, but as usual I am feeling great on the cleanse.

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