Innate Counseling & Therapeutic Center

Counseling & Mental Health, Mental Health, Personal Care, Black Woman Owned

Innate Counseling & Therapeutic Center Business Description

Are you feeling lost, off-balanced? Like things just don’t feel right inside and you’re not sure why? Mind won’t stop racing? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Scared? Or just simply need someone to talk to? Well, I’m here to help! I am a passionate mental health therapist dedicated to removing negative ideas about seeking help, especially in black and minority communities. I believe it takes a tremendous amount of bravery to seek therapy and I’m glad you are here! In my work with clients, I teach authenticity and use a variety of therapeutic tools to help them connect with the most honest parts of themselves so they can truly heal from past
and present pain, overcome obstacles and live out their fullest potential. Are you ready to start healing? YOU ARE BRAVE! Reach out for support today!

Innate Counseling & Therapeutic Center Location

Innate Counseling & Therapeutic Center
Address: 505 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston, Texas, 77060
Phone: 972-674-9018

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