Brian Lee Sat Down With Cheddar TV to Talk About Diversity in the Workplace

Cheddar TV asked Brian Lee to come on their new show All Hands to talk about diversity in the workplace, his challenges in advertising/corporate America and the launch of the Black Health and Wealth platform.

Corporate America can be a difficult place to gain clients, promotions, salary raises, and visibility as a minority if you do not consistently work on your personal brand.

My business success skyrocketed after I stopped focusing solely on working hard and started to think strategically about creating a personal brand. The change was simply a difference in mindset and the determination to put myself out in the public even though I am not someone who craves attention.

As mentioned in previous emails, I am putting together a personal branding course and it is now available. In this course, I am showing you how I approached establishing myself as a thought leader which led to me getting into publications like Cheddar, Black Enterprise, NPR, Miami Times, Forbes, and more as well as speaking engagements.

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