Black Women Entrepreneurs Are Being Rejected by Silicon Valley

Black female entrepreneurs are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs in the country. Despite that fact, and despite the success, the passion the drive that they have…the genius that they have. Silicon Valley continues to pass on them. Venture capitalists continue not to invest in their businesses. In many cases, they don’t get it or they don’t believe in our people. And my thought is…

Why do we need validation from Silicon Valley?

Check out the video for more of my thoughts.

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1 thought on “Black Women Entrepreneurs Are Being Rejected by Silicon Valley”

  1. The intimidation one gets when something new comes about, that expediently catch’s on can in most cases be relentless. People will try what ever they can do to knock you or make you feel uncomfortable/ out-of-place. So they consider you inferior or just not worthy knowing if they gave you access to all the tools you’ll match and surpass what they have to offer. I’m proud of the ground we are reclaiming and obtaining. Patience isn’t something we must have.

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