Black Excellence Podcast: Dr Shamard Charles – The Importance of a Plant Based Diet and Black Doctors in Our Community

In this episode of the Black Excellence Podcast, Dr Shamard Charles gives his story of taking a unique path and becoming a journalist for NBC after med school. In the episode, we also talk about the importance of alternative medicine, black doctors and networking for the black community.

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Topics Covered in this Episode

  • How he became a journalist at NBC
  • How he told his parents he was abandoning the idea of becoming a traditional doctor and pursuing journalism instead
  • How to navigate the newsroom and create opportunity for yourself (23:39)
  • The importance of networking and mentorship (25:04)
  • How the complexity of writing for health helped him improve his work (25:46)
  • What his writing process is and how staying connected to the black community is a huge part of his success (27:20)
  • How he was able to transition from being a writer to getting in front of the camera (30:00)
  • How he was able to become a key part of NBC BLK and create his own niche focused on health in the black community (32:30)
  • How ratings improved significantly with a black journalist talking to the black community (34:20)
  • Why we should embrace roles focused on the black community and not be afraid of being pigeon holed as only being able to do black things (35:05)
  • What the black community can do to stay healthy during these challenging times (36:15)
  • The importance of a plant based diet (38:15)
  • Why eating healthy is not more expensive (38:30)
  • The Importance of Black Doctors

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