Is Alkaline Water Good for You? Alkaline Water Benefits, Brands and Where to Buy

The standard American diet is filled with hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar, processed foods, excess sodium, pesticides, chemical additives, and synthetic hormones, in addition to a lack of sleep and emotional stress.

high fructose corn syrup

Eating unnatural foods and not taking care of our bodies, leads to overproduction of acid in the blood, as well as low-grade acidosis which leads to a situation in which a disease can increase.

high fructose corn syrup

Consuming whole organic fruits and vegetables as part of an alkaline diet can make your body more alkaline, protect you from acidosis and also help you to lose weight.

Additionally, water is one the most important substances for a healthy human body…

And beyond tap water, alkaline water is becoming a bigger focus for health conscious consumers.

You may or may not have heard about alkaline water, but to sum it up, alkaline water keeps you healthy, reduces the aging process, regulates the pH level of your body, and may help prevent chronic diseases.

This article will take a deep dive into the benefits and effects of alkaline water.

What is Alkaline Water?

The alkaline in alkaline water refers to its pH level and likewise pH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity.

Another name for alkaline water is ionized water.

Pure water is neutral, at pH 7 and the pH of drinking water pH should range from 6 to 8.5.

Solutions with a pH less than 7 are acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are alkaline.

Alkaline water is water which is considered less acidic than our systematic tap water.

Here’s a breakdown of the alkalinity of various liquids:

pH alkaline chart

  • Regular water that comes from rainfall is slightly acidic, just below neutral on the pH scale
  • Neutral is a pH of 7.0
  • Basic or acidic, water has a pH below 7.0, down to zero
  • Alkaline water has pH value above 7
  • Vinegar has pH value around 3
  • Lemon juice has pH value around 2
  • Battery acid has pH around 1
  • Baking soda has pH value between 8 and 9
  • Milk of Magnesia has pH value between 10 and 11

alkaline water chart kangen water

The pH value of regular water gets change by several gases and chemicals. Carbon dioxide from the air is responsible for increasing the amount of acidity in water which takes the pH value of rainwater below neutral.

Water with too low or too high in pH has adversarial effects and water with too alkaline can have a harsh taste which can cause deposits to coat appliances and pipes. Highly acidic water may destroy metals or even melt them in water.

According to the Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality established by the World Health Organization, pH is also one of the most important operational water quality parameters for tap water, even though pH supposedly has no direct impact on consumers.

The CDC also has established guidelines for drinking and treating water using tools like reverse osmosis systems and machines to make your water alkaline.

The pH level of alkaline water is little higher than our regular drinking water which is good to nullify the acid in your body. It has a pH value of 8 or 9 that attempts to preserve the acid-alkaline balance of your body naturally. Alkaline water is rich in alkalizing compounds, such as silica, magnesium, bicarbonate, potassium, and calcium.

The alkaline water is frequently categorized by having a negative charge and lots of electrons. The alkaline water is considered important in slowing down the aging process because of the two presences of a negative charge and electrons. It reduces the process of damaging cell in our body whenever an electron is neutralized, which means that aging process is slowed down.

4 main components of alkaline water

Alkaline compounds safeguard acids in the blood with four main components and minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Each of these solutions has different applications in different industries. These minerals work together to keep your body running properly and healthy.

  • Potassium keeps your muscle relaxed and contracted which is essential around your heart area and aids in fluid elimination and digestion.
  • Magnesium helps your body to convert your food into energy and keeps your body muscle healthy, maintains heart, nerves, and kidney function.
  • Calcium helps to keep your circulatory system healthy and strengthens your body bones.
  • Sodium balances fluids in the body, controls blood pressure and influences muscle movement.

The human body works hard to keep the blood tipping towards alkaline water naturally and maintain a balance between your body and stored reserves.

What is an alkaline solution?

It’s a mixture of improper objects liquefied in water. It measures the acidity or alkalinity level of a solution whose scale ranges from zero to fourteen. The midpoint of the pH scale represents the neutral pH which is neither an alkaline nor acid.

Types of solutions

This involves a mixture of potassium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, and magnesium hydroxide. Different industries use these solutions in different products or applications, such as soaps, detergents, bio-diesel fuels, cleaning products, and medications. They also used in many specialized applications and food preparations.

  • Potassium hydroxide: Potassium hydroxide, also called as caustic potash, is an inorganic mineral used for making alkaline water. It has different applications, such as used in making soft soaps, diesel, and as an electrolyte in the alkaline battery. It’s also used for chemical cremations and in manicure treatment as a cuticle remover. The chemical cremation procedure dissolves all body tissues excluding your bones.
  • Sodium hydroxide: It’s also called as caustic soda and lye which has a strong chemical base. This solution is used in making soaps, paper, drinking water, and textiles. It’s hygroscopic which means that it absorbs water from the air, thus it’s recommended to store the alkaline water into an airtight jar. It’s also used in food preparations to process vegetables, fruits, and cocoa.
  • Magnesium hydroxide: It’s usually known as milk of magnesia as it looks just like milk. It’s advisable to consult a doctor before consuming magnesium hydroxide. It can use as an ingredient in antiperspirants.

Why is hydration important?

It’s important to consume a lot of water to keep the water balance of your body. The two-third part of a human body is made up of water, if people don’t consume enough water, it start to dehydrate. Our body uses and loses water through urination and sweating and our cells become destitute of nutrients very easily. Dehydration also leads to fall in blood pressure which is dangerous for both, younger and old people.

What makes body pH so important?

Human bodies are made of uncountable cells and these cells have infinite biological processes. These chemical developments are accomplished effectively by means of body enzymes that need a very accurate pH range to work accurately. If the pH is less or more than the necessary pH, the enzymes stop working and the resulting biochemical processes will stop!

To be honest, an unbalanced body pH is a cataclysmic condition and should be treated immediately because it has irreversible damage to body organs, such as heart, kidneys, and brain. As you’re reading through this, you know that alkaline water is meant to make your body alkaline, and also strengthen your body systems.

Is alkaline water good for you?

The human body is complex and drinking natural alkaline water is generally considered safe because it holds some natural minerals. Claiming that every person requires alkalizing might be an over-sweeping statement. However, each organ system has a unique pH range, which is why it’s advisable to take expert advice.

For better results, you can replace your consumption of tap water with alkaline water. The amount of water varies man to man, women to women, and child to child. On average, men should drink 102 ounces of alkaline water per day; women should consume 74 ounces of alkaline water per day. It does also depend on your body height, weight, and how much exercise you do.

How to tell if your body is alkaline or acidic

The deficiency of alkalinity or acidity in human body can be an indication of an primary illness. By measuring your pH level, you can find out your body is alkaline or acidity. A healthy pH is neutral which has a pH level of 7 and a slightly alkaline has a pH level from 7.0 to 7.2. You can test your body’s pH level through your urine, which also indicates that your kidneys are working properly or not to neutralize your blood.

Here are the steps that require checking the body’s alkalinity or acidity.

  1. Morning urine contains more particulars because it’s collecting more bladders for a long time. Wait until you have urinated for two times before capturing your urine for testing.
  2. For accurate sample, consider the mid duration of your urine flow for testing. Don’t take the beginning and end of a urine flow because it contains various levels of particulars.
  3. Split off an inch strip from the litmus paper and suppress one end of that in the urine sample. Hold the paper with the sample for 5 to 7 seconds for accurate result.
  4. Remove the litmus paper from the sample and check the color indicator to compare the pH level. The color of the paper may vary from yellow to dark blue which means the pH ranges from 4.5 to 9.0. If it indicates bluish green, it means it’s 7 to 7.2; which mean your body is alkaline.
  5. As these products don’t give 100% result, it’s recommended to test for two times during a day; one in morning and one in evening.

How does alkaline water works?

People believe that alkaline water works by making our body less acidic. Standard American Diet contributes a circumstance of chronic low-grade acidosis, where it leads to some health problems, such as metabolism problems, loss of bone, and hormonal problems.

Human blood has a pH value near 7.4 which is marginally alkaline. It’s important to maintain that pH within a constricted range because a slight change in our blood pH can cause health risks. The pH level in our stomach is 1.5 to 3.5 which is acidic in nature. Antacids and TUMS carry alkaline ions which neutralize stomach gastric acid and stop the acidity.

It’s also used as an alternative cancer treatment in order to achieve and maintain optimal health and to fight cancer. Excessive amount of acid in human body can weaken all the systems and borrow minerals from organs, bones, and teeth to nullify extra acidity. Also, high acidosis leads to osteoporosis, diarrhea, impaired immune function, rheumatoid arthritis, and anxiety.

Where to buy alkaline water?

You can get alkaline water from natural hot springs, prepackaged bottles of alkaline water in store, ionizers added to tap water in your home faucet, and/or alkaline drops to your water…

To further distinguish alkaline water, there are two types of alkaline water..

One is artificial alkaline water that we generally get from regular tap water which runs through an electrical ionizer and the other is mineral water or bottled spring water.

Natural spring water passes through the soil and rocks and collects various minerals which affect its pH level.

Spring water with naturally water components, such as magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate, and silica, seems to be the best and healthy alkaline water.

If you are unable to attain natural spring water, you can still buy alkaline water in many grocery stores and natural markets.

In fact, Americans spend about $8 billion per year on bottled water and within the bottled water category, there are several brands of alkaline water that sell bottled water that is alkaline.

You can also buy or make your own alkaline water and alkaline drops by adding lime juice or lemon to a glass of water.

Lime juice and lemon juice contain minerals that help to change the composition of water.

To take it a step further, there are also water ionizer machines and reverse osmosis systems (ro) that you can buy on Amazon and these machines produce alkaline water through a process known as ionization.

What is a alkaline water machine?

An alkaline water machine is a machine which transforms regular tap water to the optimal pH level for our bodies. Companies have created machines that make regular water alkaline through a process known as electrolysis or ionization. During this process, water ionizers split apart water molecules with electricity to artificially create alkaline water.

You can simply attach this machine to your faucet that will alter and filter the pH balance of your regular tap water through a process called electrolysis. The machine has an activated carbon filter which helps in removing pollutants and impurities from the water.

There are many different types of alkaline water machines available, and they use different technologies which give different results. It’s recommended to read the reviews of each one before you buy any.

Which Alkaline Bottled Water Is the Best?

Here is the rundown of pH level for most of the alkaline water bottle brands that are available in the market:

Alkaline Water Bottles pH Chart

  1. ESSENTIA: Manufacturers claims that this is produced from a regular tap water through reverse osmosis procedure along with the accumulation of minerals and formerly uses the ionizing process. This alkaline bottled water has a pH level of 9.4, which is more alkaline.
  2. ICELAND SPRING: Manufacturers claims that its spring water generated from a natural source and has a pH of 8.8.
  3. WAIKEA HAWAIIAN VOLCANIC WATER: This is also regular spring water which is filtered naturally by thousands of feet of absorbent volcanic pillars and has a pH of 8.7.
  4. ETERNAL WATER: It’s generated from spring homes in the US and has a pH range of 7.8 to 8.2.
  5. FIJI WATER: It’s ordinary artesian water that produces commencing an aquifer and has a pH of 7.7.
  6. AQUAFINA: It’s produced from a regular tap water through a process called reverse osmosis. It’s has a pH range from 5.5 to 7.0.


How to make alkaline water?

Many people believe that alkaline water help to reduce acid in your bloodstream help your body to absorb nutrients more quickly, and boost your metabolism. Here is the process that you need to follow if you want to make alkaline water at home.

Few important points to consider:

  • Check the pH before and after making alkaline water with a pH kit.
  • Add 1/7 tablespoon baking soda to one cup of water and stir well.
  • Mix few drops of lemon to 64-ounces pitcher of water and cover it for around 10 hours.
  • Consider a filtration system, such as an ionizing water filter, pH drops, a water ionizer, a water distiller, and a reverse osmosis water filter.

Follow this step-by-step instruction of making alkaline water at home:

Determining the pH before you alkalize

  • Check the pH of water: It’s advisable to check the pH level of your water before and after you alkalize. Doing this step will let you know how much fine-tuning you require to make to your water. The impurities present in water lift the pH little high towards more acidic.
  • Purchase a pH kit: Visit any nearby medical stores and purchase a pH kit which comes with a pH color chart and pH strips.
  • Dip a strip into your: Place one strip into the water and wait for 8 to 10 seconds and then compare the producing color with the color chart.

Alkalizing with water additives

  • Add baking soda to water: Baking soda has a high alkaline content which is why it’s recommended to add 1/7 tablespoon of baking soda to an 8-ounces glass of water. When you add baking soda to water, it increases the alkaline properties of the water. Avoid adding baking soda if you’re following any low-sodium diet as its high in sodium.
  • Mix few drops of lemon: You may know that fact that lemons are anionic in nature, which is why you human body reacts with the anionic properties of it and makes the water alkaline as your body digest it. Use only filtered water and add few drops of lemon and keep the water overnight at room temperature.
  • Add pH drops: pH drops are highly concentrated and contain potent alkaline minerals. pH drops available online or in any medical stores.

Using different filtrations systems

  • Get a water ionizer: It can be attached to your faucet and the water becomes electrically ionized as the ionizer runs through negative and positive electrodes. The alkalized water gets separated from the acidic water and makes 70% of produced water which is used for drinking. You can use the remaining acidic water as bathing water because it kills bacteria.
  • Purchase an ionizing water filter: Ionizing water filters are cheaper than other electric ionizer and are easily transportable. As you pour water into the filter, water will be sent through a series of filters which makes a pool of alkalizing minerals.
  • Buy a reverse osmosis water filter: It’s also called hyperfilter which uses a special fine membrane for filtration. It allows it to hold more elements than regular water filters. You can purchase this filter from any home or hardware improvement stores.
  • Use a normal water distiller and add pH drops: Put water into water distiller, it will destroy all the bacteria and other impurities as it boils the water. Water distillers also make alkaline water, but to make pure alkaline water, you will require to adding pH drops.

How long does alkaline water last?

It depends on how the alkaline water was made in the first place. When you ionize your regular water, the benefits last as follows:

  • If the water is chilled and stored in an airtight jar, the pH of water lasts for 14 days and longer.
  • The content of antioxidant continues for 8 hours, but starts to degrade immediately. This can also last for longer if you store alkaline water chilled and air-tight.

ORP and pH tend to fare less well in steel or metal bottles and plastic bottle, which is why alkaline bottled water comes in.

Alkalized water and athletes

Alkaline water is considered to be a very useful for physically active people or athletes as they do intense exercise to develop more hydrogen ions. Drinking alkaline water helps your body to temper the acidity, enhance the body’s buffering capacity, and improve overall performance.

Many long-distance runners use mineral supplements, such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium which decrease blood lactate responses and cardiorespiratory stress and improve power output in endurance athletes. Alkaline water also works similarly to these supplements. The mineral content of alkalized water retains more fluid in the cardiovascular system. It also improves fluid reserves and hydration status.

Alkaline water and bone health

Alkaline water has an effect on bone resorption, a process where old bones are broken down and are replaced with new bones. The process of less bone resorption enhances the mineral density in your body, which results in better bone strength.

Consuming alkaline diet and alkaline related commercial products help the body regulates its pH, neutralize acidity, and prevent disease processes, such as osteoporosis marked by brittle and weal bones.

Alkaline water and cancer

Ionized water has a high redox potential and carries water molecules in smaller clusters than regular water. These small cluster help prevent the extent of cancer and aid in killing cancer cells, indirectly or directly.

Alkaline water is a good antioxidant, means it neutralizes free radicals and has a very negative Oxidation Reduction Potential. It works on cancer in three major ways, making many oxygen molecules available to the cancer cells and slow down the growth of cancer through the hydroxyl ions present in the alkaline water.

Hydrogen peroxide is known for adding oxygen molecules to the body, but alkaline water eliminates those oxygen molecules available to the cancer cells by giving them electrons. Ionized water also eliminates other toxic waste products from the human body.

Alkaline water and acid reflux

The alkalinity in artesian good water with natural bicarbonate helps to deactivate pepsin in vitro permanently. Pepsin is activated when it comes in contact with acid and is causes esophageal damage and reflux diseases. Alkaline water can be used a natural aid in the reduction or prevention of acid reflux.

Acid reflux is caused by stomach acid or other stomach contents, such as different drinks and foods which generate esophagus. Acid reflux treatment also involves acid-buffering in which the good acid-buffering of alkaline water helps in denatured pepsin bones naturally.

Alkaline water and pregnancy

There are many reasons why a pregnant woman should drink alkaline water. During pregnancy, women’s body becomes acidic as the baby is taking a large number of alkaline minerals from her mother body in order to form a perfect body and to grow. These are delivered through the umbilical cord and then they produce acidic wastes which expelled by the way of placenta and returns back to mother’s body.

The mother’s body goes through a hard time in two situations, one is when the baby takes all her alkaline minerals buffer and the other is when her body wants to neutralize her and her baby’s acidic wastes. Alkaline water has two benefits, one is that it tends to have a settling effect on a nauseous stomach and the other is its micro-clustered.

7 Alkaline Water Brands and Ionizers to Boost Your Hydration

Try some of the alkaline water options out there or make your own alkaline water with these pitchers, machines, and bottles.

1.     Alkaline 88 alkaline water

It contains water along with 84 minerals to make a better balance into your system. Consuming four packs of this bottled water is enough to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

2.     Essentia enhanced 9.5 pH water

The pH level of this bottled water is 9.5 which are slightly higher alkaline, but does not contain any chlorine which makes it better for rehydration than your normal tap water. The 34-ounces of this bottled water are easy to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

3.     Lake industries alkaline water pitcher

If you believe in your hand, then go green by making your own alkaline water with the help of lake industries alkaline water pitcher. It has the capacity to hold up to 2.5 liters of BPA-free liquid, also tastes good than your regular tap water.

4.     Evamor naturally alkaline artesian water

If you’re a long-runner or working in a corporate field, this six-pack alkaline water bottled is good to carry with you. It has 8.8 pH levels and is good to keep you hydrated all day.

5.     Susosu alkaline mineral water ionizer bottle

This bottle has an activated carbon filter which uses a five-step procedure to maximize the hydrogen content. You can make your own alkaline water by using this bottle and keep you hydrated all day.

6.     Wellblue alkaline plus pH ionizer pitcher

Pour water into this pitcher and wait for some time, it will raise the pH of water slowly and make it ionized. It also eliminates any metals present in your water.

7.     Air water life aqua-ionizer deluxe 7

If you want to invest your money in an alkaline machine, this will be a wise decision. It offers 7 water options, such as non-ionized, alkaline, and ionized acidic. It has active carbon filter built-in which purifies over 1,600 gallons of water.

Additional Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is generally considered safe and several studies have proved that it has a positive effect on our body, but as you know every product has its own drawback. There are chances of having few alkaline water side effects, such as it reduce stomach acid which will be beneficial for you only if you have acid reflux.

Here are top 7 health benefits of drinking alkaline water:

1.     Antioxidant

Alkaline water has great antioxidants which defend human bodies from free radicals, which may cause numerous health issues. These free radicals comes in a set of atoms which harms human body by aching their immune system, which leads to different types of diseases and infection ranging from slight sicknesses to serious deteriorating illnesses.

Free radicals grow up through a variety of sources, such as cigarette smoke, exposure to toxic substances like pollution, and regular household activities. To fight with these free radicals, human bodies require antioxidants which you can fulfill by consuming alkaline water. It’s much more effective than other antioxidants products or supplements.

2.     Hydration

It contains smaller molecular content which makes it easier to consume and get absorbed by the body very quickly. You will feel more hydrated throughout the day by consuming alkaline water. It also contains other naturally ionized minerals which help in bold circulation and assists your body utility at finest levels.

3.     Balances the pH levels

Human body try to maintain the balance between acid and alkaline of your blood, but when your body is over acidic, your body require to work even harder to maintain that balance which causes stress. The average American diet consist fatty meats, butter, and cheeses which lead to an overly acidic situation.

Consuming coffee, processed sugar, soft drinks, alcohol, and smoke all leads to deposit of acid waste into human bodies. In this situation, alkaline water plays a vital role by neutralizing the acid levels of the body.

4.     Detox the body

It has the ability to wash away the toxins which is responsible to develop illness and diseases. Follow a detox diet which includes consuming of plenty of alkaline water. It’s recommended to buy an alkaline water filter or water machine to make sure you’re getting a free of harmful minerals and other impurities.

5.     Immune system

To boost your immune system, it’s advisable to keep your body in an alkaline state. Alkaline water is a natural way to neutralize your body from free radicals and keep your body clean from toxins. Regular intake of alkaline water also improves your immune system for long term health benefits.

6.     Weight loss

If you’re worrying about your weight, then alkaline water will be your best choice. Consuming junk food generates more fat cells which results in weight gain. Consuming ionized water neutralizes these acids from your body naturally and stop creation of more fat cells.

7.     Fights cancer

A Cancer cell does not get air in a natural pH level environment, but in an acidic environment. The balance of alkaline in human body is very essential to stop the growth of malignant cells. Whatever you eat leads to acidity, which is why alkaline water is necessary to keep this acidity neutral in your body. It also plays a vital role in averting the evolution of cancer cells.

Possible Side Effects of Alkaline Water

You have heard all the best benefits of alkaline water with regular use, but consuming over alkaline water can also have some drawbacks that hamper our normal functioning of the body system. Many manufacturers also use some excessive amount of compounds along with required minerals which create complications in our body.

Here are few side effects that you may have when you consume over-alkaline water.

1.     Cardiovascular problems

Continued usage of ionized water leads to cardiovascular problems, which increases secretion of enzymes in cardiovascular system that can harm the muscles nearby your heart. Consuming alkaline water in limited can rejuvenate the cardiovascular cells, but if it exceeds a level can have terrible effect.

2.     Digestive malfunctioning

Consuming excessive amount of alkaline water lead to steep changes in pH level and hamper the digestion process. This malfunctioning causes due to over consumption of alkaline water in people over the age of 65. It also leads to hypochlorhydria which is described by declined immersion of calcium in human body.

3.     Causes dehydration

Consuming alkaline water for long time creates too many ions in your body which leads to acute dehydration rather than keeping the body hydrated.

4.     Metabolic defects

Metabolism is important to produce energy for body’s normal functioning. Over-use of alkaline water can cause metabolism defects that can lead to diseases, such as metabolic alkalosis and edema.

5.     Exerts pressure on the kidneys

Our kidney is responsible to maintain the level of pH in our body, which is why consuming excessive amount of alkaline water makes our body more alkaline. It leads an extra load to our kidney to maintain the level of pH in the body. It’s advisable not to consume alkaline water, if you have any kidney disease.

6.     Causes nutrient deficiency

Our body pH level is largely responsible for nutrient absorption and consuming ionized water increase the level of pH in your body very much. It disturbs the nutrient absorption, such as folate, iron, vitamin B12, and calcium.

7.     Sore muscles

Alkaline water results in sore muscles which cause imbalance in the level of pH in the body.

8.     Headache

Another unbearable side effect of alkaline water is that you will get unwanted headache on a daily basis.

9.     Tiredness and sleepiness

Drinking alkaline water can even leads to sleepiness, fatigue, and tiredness. You may feel sleep all time because of misbalance in the level of pH in the body.

What are the benefits of using a water ionizer?

Diet and stress are two of the biggest causes of today’s modern life health issues. When these two factors mix with our high acidic content diet, it creates an imbalance acidic pH in our bodies which leads to several serious health problems.

To avoid or reduce such circumstances, it’s recommended to use water ionizer which produces alkaline water. Alkaline water neutralizes the acidity and restores our general well-being and health. It also reduces fatigue, reduces acid reflux, lower blood pressure, and improves other heath related problems.

Important factors to consider when you buy water filters and ionizers

There are several types of alkaline water filters or ionizers on the market due to which people often get confused when they buy one. Finding the right ionizer can be an overwhelming job, but with few frequent factors can solve your queries the best.

Well, here are the guides to select the best ionizer for you.

Check the water pressure

Check the water pressure of your regular tap either by getting a professional or by testing it yourself. Most of the water ionization units have the ability to work with low water pressure. This is not very challenging because many manufacturer lists the minimum required pressure for each units in the product details. That’s why it’s advisable to check the water pressure coming into your property as well as the specification of the product.

PH and ORP range

Most of the water ionization units have the potential to generate water which is either alkaline or acidic. Look for the water ionization which has a pH range between 5 -10, so that you get the best possible alkaline water within the range 7 to 10. Water with pH level higher than 10 is used for household activities, such as disinfecting and cleaning.

ORP levels

The biggest advantage of using water filters is the Oxygen Reduction Potential which is used to measure the quantity of electrons deposited in the water. Higher the number of electrons, higher the potential of water to reduce the free radicals from our water which is responsible of a number of health issues, such as cell damage and speeding up gaining process. Opt for the one which have higher number of negative numbers.


Most of the water ionizers have an either dual or single filter system which is used to make pure water. Although, if you stay in areas where regular water is relatively clean then water ionizer with single filter system can serve better, but if you stay in areas where water comes with a lot of impurities then switch to water ionizers with dual filter system.


Water ionizers with a more number of plates can have a powerful impact on ionized water. Water ionizers with less than 3 plates have to a lot of struggle to produce alkaline water. Ideally, it’s recommended to buy water ionizer with 4 to 7 plates. Again, these plates come in varieties, such as solid, mesh, or slotted.

All three has its own advantage, but it’s recommended to use solid flat because it lasts for longer and are easy to clean and maintain.

Customer support, availability of consumables, and warranty

Your intention of buying any household assets that will serve you a long time and efficiently. Buying alkaline water ionizer from a reputable dealer is very important. A reputed dealer is one who is honest with their stocks varieties, customers, competitive prices, and deals with high-quality products.

If you’re a first time buyer, then ask the entire basic question regarding the machine. With all the essential information about water filters, you’ll be able to purchase a good machine with an informed decision.  Another advantage of buying something from a reputed dealer is to avail a valid warranty after sales.

Self-cleaning machines

Currently there are many filters that need little or no care or maintenance. Machines with highly technical can be hard for normal people. If you live in a hard water area, cleaning machines with calcium deposits can be tough. An ideal machines is one, who has a feature of self-cleaning so that it can saves your time and energy.


It’s recommended not to judge a product from their price tag because it doesn’t determine the overall use of the machine. However, you can look for a machine which has all features included that can value your money.

These are combination of several aspects that makes good alkaline water purifiers. Consider all provided information to build any conclusion. If you don’t feel any negative effects within 3 days, you can consume for a short period of time.

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