20 Best Natural Hairstyles to Rock Right Now

If you’re transitioning to natural hair and aren’t sure how to handle your new texture, don’t worry. There are tons of incredible styling options out there – no matter what your taste, skill level, or styling-time stamina, you’re sure to find something that works a treat. Also, be sure to check out our coverage on braid hairstyles, short hairstyles, and hairstyles for girls.

Read on for our top 20 natural hairstyles. 

Accessorize your Style

If you’re wearing a protective style such as box braids, you can switch it up by adding accessories such as cuffs, beads or jewelry, or by wrapping colored cords around a few braids to make things interesting. Even if you don’t have braids, a simple cord wrapped around a bun or ponytail can make a serious style statement – especially if it’s color-coordinated with your outfit!

Go Blond

Blond isn’t just for summer! Go bold even in winter with a frosty platinum shade that looks perfect paired with a fresh dusting of snow and a sparkly accessory. Of course, this kind of blond works best on very short hair, so you may need a buzzcut to pair with your new color. Another thing to consider is that it’s a high maintenance look, so you need to be willing to it up to your hairdresser for regular touch-ups.

Go Blunt

We most often associate blunt cuts with straight hair, but they can look just as cool and edgy if you have curls. Try it and see – it works for any curl texture!

Braids with Bite

In the 90s, everyone wanted a zigzag parting; now, braiders are taking this concept to the extreme with braids constructed in all sorts of patterns. From zigzags to stars, curves, and swirls to basket weave, your braids can be pretty much any shape you want. Just make sure to find a master braider who can execute these intricate styles properly – you don’t want your stars to look lopsided!

Add Color

A fun and easy way to update your hair, color is having a real moment – the brighter, the better! Add yours using extensions, thread, or dye if you want something more permanent.

Fancy Faux Ponytail

The faux ponytail is a go-to for many naturalists, and for a good reason – it’s endlessly stylish, easy to do, and there are tons of options. If you want to up the ante with your pony, add extra bands all the way down for a ‘bubble’ effect, create a fishtail braid or blow out the hair with volumizing product to make a really big statement. 

Fade Out

Go high on style and low on maintenance with a fade; this cool-girl cut takes your strands shaved-short at the sides and leaves just a few curls on top. This is a great option if you’re growing out any chemical straightening treatments.

Going Under

If a full fade feels like a step too far, try it out by getting an undercut first and just shave the back of your hair; leaving the top and sides as they are. If you like it, you can always go shorter later – and you’ll look great in the meantime. You can also play around with designs and shapes if you’d like.

Totally Tropical

For a fun and funky ‘pineapple’ do pull all your hair up towards the crown of your head and secure with pins. This leaves a stunning explosion of curls that’ll leave you looking and feeling fantastic. Add a headband for extra style points.

Not mohawk, fauxhawk

If the pineapple isn’t edgy enough for your tastes, try pinning your hair up from the sides of your head instead of the back to create a fake mohawk. You can also braid the sides if you want your mohawk to be a more permanent fixture.

Classic French Chic

French braids are a straightforward and super-chic style that’s easy to do at home. Beware, though; doing them yourself can be a real arm workout!

Holy Halo

A variation on the classic French braid, the halo braid lives up to its name; braid your hair around your head from ear to ear, and pull out a few sections, so it looks nice and thick.

Shapely Afro

Not all Afros are round – change yours up by having your stylist take it shorter at the sides or back for a shapely look that’s easily customized to match your personal style.

Feel the Passion

A hybrid between the Senegalese twist and goddess locs, Passion twists use the same twisting technique but give a more lived-in, casual feel. This is because instead of twisting the hair uniformly all the way down, the hair is pushed up towards the scalp as it’s twisted. This gives a beautiful ‘scrunched’ finish. Definitely one for the experts!

Big Bang

One common misconception is that curly girls should never get bangs, and a lot of the time, they’re more trouble than their worth. However, silkier curl textures can hold a bang if the cut is right – and they’re a great way to add interesting shape to your hair.

Round and Round

Perfectly round Afros have been around for years and remain a popular choice for natural hair – opt for this classic cut, and you’ll never go out of style!

Take it to the Top (Knot)

If you’re bored of your box braids, switch things up by sweeping them into a top knot as high on your head as they’ll go. It’s an easy, quick way to make a statement without spending hours on your look.

Get Ket Braids

Half box braid, top half knot, the ket braid was invented by braider Kettly Elan as an alternative to more traditional braided styles. It was inspired by her love of wearing her hair in a bun, so she added the bottom braided part for a truly show-stopping result.

Bantu Not-Knots

Did you know that removing Bantu knots can give your natural curl pattern a serious boost? If you’ve got somewhere important to be, rock your knots until the day of and then unravel them; the resulting curl and volume is to die for.

Loc in your Buns

Loc buns are a great way to give your head a break from wearing them long and loose. Simply part your hair down the middle, twist your locs into buns, and you’re done! Just make sure to keep friction to a minimum as this can cause frizz.

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